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At Glasgow Climate Summit, Obama Takes Off The Mask: ‘It’s About Power’


Former President Barack Obama spoke Monday at the COP26 summit in Glasgow to address the climate “crisis.” Given that Obama has a $12 million waterfront home in Martha’s Vineyard, he does not appear to be too concerned about climate change.

Obama also seems to know as much about physics, or science, as Greta Thunberg, which is to say next to nothing. But in a rare moment of transparency, Obama said something revealing and explained exactly why he was in Scotland. It had nothing to do with climate change.

“Let’s face it. This is not just about raw numbers. This is not just about science. This is about politics. It’s about culture. It’s about morality. It’s about the human dynamic. How do we work together to get a big thing done?” Obama said during his 46-minute speech in front of a fully masked crowd. “And it’s about participation and power. Thinking back on my own experience as president, I would’ve had the power to do even more to fight climate change during my time in office, if I’d had a stable congressional majority that was willing and eager to take action.”

In other words, in Obama’s world, the only way to fight climate change is to give the Democrats in Congress more power than they already have, and then miraculously the planet can be saved.

Targeting Misinformed Youth

So how exactly does Obama plan on keeping the Democrats in power? Well, by keeping climate change at the forefront of the radical leftist agenda to specifically target an increasingly misinformed and uneducated youth.

“Many young people are now starting to realize I’ve got to make my interests heard if I have the opportunity to vote. So, in the 2020 US presidential election, young people were more likely than older voters to say the climate change was their top concern and they also voted at a rate 11 points higher than in 2016. That’s the kind of thing that makes politicians sit up and take notice,” Obama said.

Translation: It doesn’t matter if climate change is a serious threat. It doesn’t matter if climate policy will destroy thousands of energy jobs, or raise the cost of meat without actually eliminating greenhouse gases, all the while lowering the standards of living for everyone. All that matters is that ignorant young people take the issue very seriously, and if the socialists in charge fail to recognize that, then the Democratic Party could very well go extinct before the planet does.

Billions for Boondoggles

For Obama, this means rewarding climate activists with Green New Deal freebies and passing Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion socialist spending bill that by some estimates could cost dairy farmers an extra $6,504 per cow and includes spending $15 billion to build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, paying $3.5 billion for a “Civilian Climate Corps,” implementing a $1 billion tax credit for “environmental justice” programs for universities, and adding a $1,500 tax credit on electric bicycles that cost up to $8,000.

But don’t worry, the current occupant of the White House keeps reminding us that $3.5 trillion actually amounts to zero dollars. Plus, what could go wrong with more people commuting and fatally crashing into each other on electric bicycles in urban cities?

The bottom line is, even if all electricity ran on solar and wind, most of the world’s energy supply would still run on fossil fuels, and even if all countries in the Paris Climate Agreement kept their promises, the International Energy Agency estimates that fossil-fuel use would still make up 73 percent by 2040.

The good news is, Obama says he’s willing to make sacrifices to save the planet: “I can afford to give up a lot of my current lifestyle to benefit the planet because I’ll still have a lot left over.” Although Obama did not say how specifically he would be willing to sacrifice, putting his 29-acre, seven-bedroom estate on the market, or no longer flying private everywhere he goes, including to the very conference he spoke at, does not appear to be the kind of sacrifice he means.

In the meantime, factory workers better start driving their Teslas to work, even if they have to wait 40 minutes for them to charge, or Obama will be very disappointed.