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Youngkin’s Victory Proves Democrats And Corporate Media Still Don’t Get It


Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia governor’s race was a flat-out rejection of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, which no longer runs on policies, but on divisiveness and intolerance of different viewpoints, false charges of racism, disdain for parents who care about their child’s education, contempt for rural America, and overall hatred for our country.

“We’re going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. We’re going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents’ input,” Youngkin said to a raucous crowd Tuesday night as it became clear he was the projected winner.

In a race that was strangely reminiscent of Donald Trump’s presidential victory in 2016, Youngkin proved that a Republican who’s a political outsider can successfully form a coalition, primarily of blue-collar workers, suburban women, and, yes, minorities to overthrow the Democrat political machine, the corporate media establishment, and Big Tech tyrants.

This election was about moderates, independents, and undecided voters choosing freedom over tyranny, liberty over oppression, personal responsibility over socialism, and family and faith over big government. Like Trump in 2016, it was about a candidate who gave voice to the forgotten men and women and spoke to them about the issues that they care about the most.

“For too long we’ve been expected to shelve our dreams, shelve our hope, to settle for low expectations. We will not be a commonwealth of low expectations! We will be a commonwealth of high expectations!” Youngkin said.

Issues Voters Care About

Exit polls revealed that Youngkin received 63 percent of the rural vote, 58 percent of the white female vote, 55 percent of the Hispanic vote, 49 percent of the suburban vote, and 13 percent of the black vote.

According to a survey by AP VoteCast of 2,655 registered voters, taken from Oct. 27 through Election Day, the issues Virginia voters cared most about in this election cycle were the “economy and jobs” (65 percent), the coronavirus (17 percent), and education (15 percent), while “racism” garnered just 5 percent. On all of those issues, Biden and the Democrats have performed woefully.

It turns out that, like most Americans, Virginians care about electing politicians who will create employment opportunities and prevent the rising costs of gas, heating, cars, food, and other goods and services. They care about their children’s curriculum, and they want to create a bright future for them.

What they don’t care about, or see as having any real benefit on their own life, is current and former presidents creating racial division, pitting Americans against one another, and lecturing them about the dangers of climate change while they buy a $12 million home in Martha’s Vineyard or fly off to Green New Deal conferences in carbon emission-spewing private jets with an 85-car motorcade awaiting their arrival. They certainly don’t care about politicians who gaslight and demean voters by telling them that a serious problem does not really exist.

Out-of-Touch Media

A great way to lose an election is to ignore the real concerns of the voters, including of parents, who are rightfully outraged at the divisive CRT claptrap being taught in their children’s classrooms.

When Trump won in 2016, here is how Michael Barboro of The New York Times described his victory, “It’s 3:30 a.m. in the newsroom, and we’re in a state of shock. Donald J. Trump, against what we thought were all odds, collected swing state after swing state after swing state. Hillary Clinton has conceded the race. Mr. Trump has won. How did he pull off such a stunning victory? How did almost no one — not the pundits, not the pollsters, not us in the media — see it coming?” Their lack of self-awareness never ceases to amaze.

Youngkin’s win once again proved that the mouthpieces at CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, and The New York Times have learned absolutely nothing from the 2016 election, or 2020 for that matter, and they probably never will. Several “reporters” on MSNBC,  Rachel Maddow, and Joy Reid seemed stunned, shocked, and at times on the verge of tears as they painted Republicans as white nationalists who are a danger to the country, while CNN sought to blame Youngkin’s victory on racist parents and what they referred to as “dog-whistle racism.”

Perhaps, instead of insulting half the country, Maddow and Reid could have listened to the lieutenant governor-elect’s deeply moving victory speech for some perspective. “We can live where we want, we can eat where we want. We own the water fountains,” Sears said. “I am living proof. In case you haven’t noticed, I am black, and I have been black all my life, but that’s not what this is about.”

Unfortunately, both CNN and MSNBC refused to even air her speech. It’s no wonder they remain just as out-of-touch as ever.