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Rep. Thomas Massie: Biden’s Vaxx Coercion Will ‘Destroy Our Economy’

Rep. Thomas Massie said that President Biden’s vaccine coercion mandates will effectively ‘destroy our economy’ and put thousands of Americans out of work.


Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky said that President Joe Biden’s vaccine coercion mandates will effectively “destroy our economy” and put thousands of Americans out of work.

“We’re about to destroy our economy if Biden follows through with these vaccine mandates,” Massie said on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” on Thursday.

Massie said one of the industries most affected by this mandate is the trucking industry, which is already suffering a supply-chain crisis created by government-mandated lockdowns and exacerbated by the Biden administration’s economic policies.

“I just came from a roundtable in my transportation and infrastructure committee. … We had experts from the industry that deals with the supply chain, trucking experts, the people who unload the shipping containers,” Massie said. “And one of the things they keyed in on, is the contractor mandate kicks in on December 8th … and then there’s this OSHA mandate, that’s going to come out. What I learned is that 37 percent of truckers say they will retire, quit or find another job if they are required to get the vaccine as a result of the federal contractor mandate or the OSHA mandate.”

Massie said that even if just a fraction of those follow through and are forced out of their jobs, “this would be a supply chain disaster of epic proportions and we will suffer from inflation shortages.”

“We’ll go back to where we were 18 months ago, where they were euthanizing animals because they couldn’t get them processed, you know, livestock for food. It will be a dystopian future if Biden follows through, and people will suffer all across the country if he follows through with these mandates, just on truckers, that’s not even talking about all the other people that are being mandated or about to be mandated,” Massie said.

Massie also noted that getting the COVID shot doesn’t prevent virus transmission so even mandating it won’t eliminate the risk of workers contracting it.

“This vaccine, nobody is any longer claiming, not even the CDC, and especially not the CDC, that this stops people from giving COVID to other people. In fact, there is a study that shows that the vaccinated are giving it to the vaccinated inside of healthcare settings,” he said. “There is no logical imperative for the government to force that on somebody, unless they are your legal guardian. The only person who could make the decision to take a drug or a treatment is the person themselves or their legal guardian. But the situation we’re in, is the government is pretending that they are our legal guardian now, or that they own us like livestock, and that we’re receiving the treatment, not to protect other people, but to protect ourselves. But they’re the ones prescribing it.”

Massie said the government now holds the power and “they own us at that point.”

“This is why they changed the definition of vaccination in September. They are slowly boiling the frog by changing definitions in order to meet their mandates because their mandate isn’t ethical, moral, constitutional, or even scientific in the context of your performance of this vaccine. So they have to change the definition, the words, and that’s what they’ve been doing. And they may soon change the definition of fully vaccinated to exclude people who had two jabs,” he said.

During a House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure subcommittee hearing this week, Massie questioned whether the Biden administration has directed agencies to grant religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“Have you received any guidance from the Biden administration on how to process these requests, given that the law requires that religious accommodations be made to the vaccine mandate?” Massie asked officials at the General Services Administration.

“The team is working very hard on this,” Administrator Robin Carnahan responded.This is a matter of great interest to everybody across the administration. I think it’s important that there be as much consistency as possible so that there’s predictability in it. So yes, the team is working closely with the rest of the administration on this.”