Noelle Mering
Noelle Mering

Noelle Mering is a coauthor of the book “Theology of Home: Finding the Eternal in the Everyday.” She is a writer and editor living in Southern California with her husband and children.

If The Child Porn In Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ Surprised You, You Haven’t Been Paying Attention

We have long accepted, winked, and nodded at the sexualization of children in ways that are different in degree but not in kind.

Why Michelle Williams Had To Justify Sacrificing Her Child For Fame

Michelle Williams averted her eyes to the humanity of her child, a child whose face she could not see. But though she does not know the child, the child is known, as is she.

Kanye West’s Life Transformation ‘Is A Free Man Talking’

Reactions from conservatives and Christians to Kanye West’s new leaf have ranged from overblown to overly cynical. I understand both.

Is Sexual Autonomy Worth The Cost To Human Lives?

We might look at the modern dating world and ask ourselves if this life of illusion that we are fighting so hard to preserve is one worth protecting at the price of innocent human lives.

We Hide The Truth About Abortion Because It Condemns Us All

We are a culture awash in self-acceptance. This is seldom more apparent than in the way we speak of—and try not to speak of—abortion. 

Here’s The Danger Of Weaponizing Legitimate Suffering For Revenge

That Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed isn’t a slap in the face of all survivors of assault. He isn’t confirmed because sexual assault doesn’t matter, or because Sen. Susan Collins is anti-woman.

Virtue Signaling Is Now A Cheap, Prolific Substitute For Actual Virtue

The less prone we are to self-examination, the more self-aggrandizing we become in our denunciations. It’s making our society harsher.

Since Its Debut 20 Years Ago, ‘Sex And The City’s’ Profoundly Unrealistic View Of The World Has Hurt Women

In the same way that the show had an outsized influence on women’s fashion, so too did it influence their behavior. The latter didn’t work out so well.