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The Real ‘High Class Problem’ Is How Out Of Touch The ‘High Class’ Is From Everyone Else

high class problem tweet from Ron Klain

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s ‘high class problems’ retweet was just another reminder that the ‘high class’ folks in D.C. just really don’t care at all about your woes.


When White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain shared a tweet this week proclaiming that most of our economic woes such as supply chain disruptions and inflation are “high class problems,” he received sharp and much-deserved criticism.

Is the Biden administration’s message seriously that rising prices and constant shortages at the grocery store are a “high-class problem”? Detractors were rightly disgusted. As one reporter characterized it during a Thursday press conference, the tweet was “tone deaf.”

Or was it?

The truth is that this tweet is not some explosive new insight into what the Democrats in charge think about the economic catastrophe lawmakers have created. They remind you every day how little they think of the plight they’ve put you in. They’ve been reinforcing the hierarchy for as long as COVID-19 has been a thought in our minds.

Klain’s “high class problems” attitude is basically a repeat of the Mayor Lori Lightfoot scandal in April 2020. All the Chicago Democrat’s constituents were under a strict stay-at-home order. But even after posting a cringey “Stay home, save lives” PSA video — complete with the line that “getting your roots done is not essential” — Lightfoot sneaked off to get a trim.

It got worse. After she was caught, she defended her haircut by saying she was an exception to the rule because she needs to look good on television.

“I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye,” she said at a press conference with real Ron Klain energy.

Or take an example from our president just this week. After ordering health-care providers, full-time federal workers, government contractors, and private companies with 100 employees or more (the latter of which is still just a toothless press release, by the way) to get injected or potentially lose their jobs, Biden had the audacity to say that vaccine mandates shouldn’t be divisive.

“Let’s be clear,” Biden announced, “vaccine requirements [read: medical coercion] should not be another issue that divides us.”

Well, there you have it. All you thousands of folks suddenly without a job because you don’t make the health decisions government demands, let’s not cause a scene. Your priorities and bodily autonomy don’t matter because we have a real problem on our hands over here at the White House: getting our vaxx numbers up for PR purposes.

This is all part of the new Democrat hierarchy, where the message is always the same: Your problems (that we caused) are insignificant. We only have time for more important things.

We’re too busy “shutting down the virus” to worry about overdoses and suicides. You must stay home for the holidays, but we’ll be flying to and fro. Oh, you’re healthy and love your job? That’s too bad because we need to fire you to “protect the vaccinated.”

Your child’s educational opportunities have been stripped by unscientific at-home nonsense? Pish posh. And you must wear a mask at all times, unless you’re elite enough to go to the Met gala, or fly with Texas lawmakers, or attend Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash.

When they didn’t say it with their words, they screamed it with their actions.

So when Klain is so bold as to declare that the economic catastrophes acutely affecting low- and middle-class Americans daily are “high class problems,” it’s not surprising at all. It’s just the next in the never-ending string of reminders that the “high class” folks in Washington, D.C., are wildly out of touch with you — and that they just really don’t care at all about your problems.