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Ben Domenech: Americans Are Not Motivated By The Issues Radical Leftists Want Us To Embrace

This generation of leftists couldn’t hide just how radical they are, Domenech said on Fox News Primetime, and so their plan backfired. 


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech hosted Fox News Primetime Monday night, where he explained how a loud minority of radical leftists use the things that once united us – police, teachers, preachers, the national anthem – to now divide us. Still, there are more Americans who love our country than those who hate it, and we cannot afford to be quiet about it anymore, Domenech said.

Sadly, even some conservatives claim these politically charged debates and leftist tactics will lead to a national divorce, but Domenech observed that’s clearly not going to happen as we watch those who are fomenting the division are barely hanging onto power and headed toward the exit.

“The left thought that they were ascendant in America, that they would lead a multiethnic coalition championing critical race theory and police defunding, just waiting for the old conservative voters to die off,” Domenech said. “‘You folks on the wrong side of history,’ they said, ‘your time is over. It’s our time now. Get on the right side of the arc, or we riot.'”

This generation of leftists couldn’t hide just how radical they are, Domenech said, and so their plan backfired.

“They said they wanted to destroy the nuclear family, and we understood they meant it. The problem is that most Americans are not motivated at all by what big government socialists want them to embrace,” Domenech said. “The American people are aspirational. They value work, neighborhood, family, and freedom.”

Watch the full monologue here: