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Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Overrun Border Checkpoints Overwhelming Border Patrol

illegal aliens on the southern border

President Joe Biden’s border crisis is swelling as thousands of illegal aliens wait to be processed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


President Joe Biden’s border crisis is swelling as thousands of illegal aliens wait to be processed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

According to Fox News’ Bill Melugin, as of Thursday, more than 8,200 migrants were camped out at the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, waiting to be processed by the border agency.

“It was 4,000 yesterday AM. Doubled in one day. BP overwhelmed, & I’m told situation is ‘out of control,'” the national correspondent wrote on Twitter.

This influx of mostly Haitian migrants, which Breitbart reported on Thursday had swelled to approximately 10,000, allegedly prompted Border Patrol to indefinitely shut down their sector checkpoints in Del Rio until the agency can get the crisis under control.

Staffing for these checkpoints, which are typically used to verify citizenship and scan aliens for narcotics and other illegal substances, would shift to address the thousands of Haitian migrants who made their way to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Three checkpoints will be closed to allow full staffing reallocation to the Haitian bridge crisis,” Breitbart reported. “Two more will close for vehicle inspections but will still be used to process and detain migrants.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to help shut down parts of the southern border but later confirmed that the Biden administration backtracked after previously offering to help with closing down entry ports.

“Six hours after U.S. Customs and Border Protection requested help from Texas to close ports of entry and secure the border, the Biden Administration has now flip-flopped to a different strategy that abandons border security and instead makes it easier for people to cross illegally and for cartels to exploit the border,” the governor’s office said in a statement. “The Biden Administration is in complete disarray and is handling the border crisis as badly as the evacuation from Afghanistan.”

Shortly after drone footage of the aliens waiting in Del Rio surfaced, the Federal Aviation Administration shut down the use of drones in the area and claimed it was “interfering with law enforcement flights on the border.”

“The Border Patrol requested the temporary flight restriction due to drones interfering with law enforcement flights on the border. As with any temporary flight restriction, media is able to call the FAA to make requests to operate in the area,” FAA said in a statement.