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How To Have A Normal, Friendly Conversation: A Guide For Race-Obsessed White Leftists

race-obsessed New York Times column

This New York Times advice column is truly a case study in how delusional, narcissistic, and anti-social the mind of the modern left really is.


The New York Times recently introduced a monthly advice column wherein a woman named Jenée Desmond-Harris answers questions by white leftists racked with anxiety about being white and interacting with minorities.

It’s truly a case study in how delusional, narcissistic, and anti-social the mind of the modern left really is.

This month’s column is headlined, “How Should I Respond to Creepy Questions About My Friend’s Race?” and the submission is centered on the troubles of a white lady who doesn’t know what to do when white men inquire about her female friend, who is of Asian descent.

“On several occasions,” wrote the poor woman, “I’ve been at a bar or party with an Asian-American friend and when my friend is getting a drink or off to the bathroom, a man (it’s always a man) will ask me, ‘Where is she from’ or ‘What type of Asian is she?'”

You can almost see her sweating now, unsure whether to lecture the offending party or start flipping over tables.

“I really don’t know how to deal with this situation productively as an ally,” she continued. “I usually don’t mention it to my friend both because I feel it’s my responsibility to deal with it and because we’ll probably never see the offending person again.”

Note that “as an ally,” this white leftist carries the weight of the world on her shoulders in such high-stakes moments. This is her responsibility and she desperately needs answers.

“How should I handle these sorts of perpetual-foreigner questions?” she asked. “Should I tell my friend when it happens?”

If you aren’t suspended in awe by this scenario all too common for white leftists, the advice Desmond-Harris offers should really get your gears turning.

Desmond-Harris answers the reader by first explaining that the men asking about her friend are “at least to some extent fetishizing your friend’s ethnicity,” suffering from a thing called “yellow fever.”

She advises the reader to “find out how your friend sees these kinds of questions,” but cautions her not to “act as if you’re breaking news when you share what’s been happening.” She further suggests asking the friend if a response to the curious men along the lines of, “My friend doesn’t like it when guys fixate on her ethnicity, so I’m not going to talk about it with you” would be sufficient.

None of this is a joke. This reader question and the accompanying advice actually appeared in our country’s most important newspaper. And that helpful tip from Desmond-Harris is precisely why the left is so anti-social. They don’t know how to have normal encounters because everything to them is a fight, usually over race or gender or sexual identity or some other trivial matter.

Here’s some real advice for people like this fraught white woman: Your friend is probably attractive and that’s why men are curious about her. If you’re the ugly friend, don’t take the overtures as opportunities to quash the potential for love. Nobody likes a cock block.

Instead, consider telling the men that they should ask your friend about her background themselves. Or perhaps simply tell them that she’s from whatever American city but that her past relatives immigrated from whatever Asiatic country. When your friend returns, let her know that you and the gentleman were just discussing her upbringing. Everyone likes talking about themselves to some degree. This is called socializing.

One last piece of advice for white leftists: Relax. It’s not your job to rescue your minority friends from people who find them interesting.