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The CDC Appoints Itself Language Police With Science-Defying Lingo List

CDC building headquarters office

In its latest lurch to the left, the CDC is instructing its healthcare partners to adopt anti-science language manipulation to satisfy woke demands.


In its latest lurch to the left, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are instructing healthcare partners to adopt anti-science language manipulation to satisfy woke demands.

Using vague buzzwords such as “equity,” “inclusive,” “intersectional,” “diversity,” and “systemic social and health inequities,” the CDC is justifying a new era of manipulated, sometimes anti-scientific, leftist terms to be applied in healthcare settings as “both language and cultural norms change.”

Many of the suggestions recommend switching from calling someone a direct label such as “prisoner,” “criminal,” or “inmate” to using softer, descriptive words such as “people/persons who are incarcerated or detained.” Under this principle, the CDC says anyone who is “disabled” should be referred to as “people with disabilities/a disability,” “drug addicts” should be referred to as “persons with substance use disorder,” and the “uninsured” and “hard-to-reach populations” should be referred to as “people who are medically underserved.”

Other suggested changes include avoiding “referring to people as their race/ethnicity” such as “blacks, Hispanics, and whites,” instead using racial groups such as “black persons,” “Hispanic persons,” and “white persons.”

“Latinx has been proposed as a gender-neutral English term, but there is debate around its usage. Its use may be considered on an audience-specific basis,” the CDC states.

On the political side, the CDC instructs healthcare workers to avoid using “illegal aliens,” “illegal migrants,” “foreigners,” or any term that alludes to the criminality of illegally crossing the border. Suggested instead are terms like “people with undocumented status” or “non-US citizens (or immigrants) in immigration detention facilities.”

There is also a strong emphasis on denying biological sex to affirm the LGBT agenda, but even the guidelines for “pronouns” are long and detailed. In addition to instructing doctors and other scientific organizations to deny the fact there are only two sexes by referring to people as “assigned male/female at birth,” the CDC says to “use gender-neutral language whenever possible (e.g., avoid ‘stewardess’ and consider ‘flight attendant’ instead).”

“Consider using terms that are inclusive of all gender identities (e.g. parents-to-be; expectant parents),” the CDC advises.

While the CDC website claims the language shifts are suggestions, as most of the agency’s ever-changing COVID-19 recommendations, they are expected to be implemented by “all public health professionals and partners at the federal, state, and local levels…when creating information resources and presentations, when engaging with partners, and/or when developing and reviewing external or internal communication materials.”

“To build a healthier America for all, we must confront the systems and policies that have resulted in the generational injustice that has given rise to health inequities,” the CDC website states.