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Elizabeth Warren Parties Maskless With Deb Haaland And Real American Indians

Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared to join real American Indians Saturday when she partied maskless with Deb Haaland.


Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared to join real American Indians Saturday when she partied maskless in defiance of New Mexico’s mask mandate at Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s wedding.

Photos obtained and published by the Washington Free Beacon show Warren with the first American Indian cabinet secretary at a tribal resort in a state where Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has reimposed indoor mask requirements regardless of vaccination status.

“The re-implemented mask requirement applies to all individuals aged 2 and older in all indoor public settings — except when eating or drinking,” Grisham’s office wrote in an Aug. 17 press release with the policy expiration date set for Sept. 15.

A spokesman for the Interior Department wrote in an emailed statement to The Federalist “guests were required to be vaccinated and wear masks,” to be “consistent with CDC guidance and New Mexico’s public health orders.”

But Saturday’s maskless celebrations, illustrated by photos from the Free Beacon, mark the latest episode of Democrats skirting restrictive COVID protocols imposed by their own statist politicians within liberal enclaves of the country.

Gov. Grisham herself became the face of lockdown hypocrisy when local reporting from KRQE News 13 at the onset of the pandemic exposed her opening up a jewelry store to purchase expensive jewelry for herself, after she had previously shut the store down.

“We are in really tough financial times as a state,” Grisham said a month prior to her purchase, when she lectured residents to stay home and close their businesses. “It mirrors the incredible, personal sacrifices that happen every single day because people have limited ability to work, telecommuting and many people in fact, have lost their jobs.”

Haaland, 60, married her longtime partner Skip Sayre over the weekend at a wedding that the Associated Press wrote “incorporated elements honoring her Native American ancestry.” Sayre is an executive with the Laguna Development Corp., which runs the gaming and hospitality services of the Laguna Pueblo tribe to which Haaland belongs.

Warren claimed for decades that she was a member of the Cherokee Nation. Before a DNA test in the run-up to her failed presidential run, Warren cited her grandfather’s “high cheek bones” as evidence of her ancestry which she claimed when she taught law at Harvard. She was even featured by the university as proof of expanding faculty diversity, and the student newspaper referred to Warren as “the first woman with a minority background to be tenured,” according to the Boston Herald in 2012. A 1984 Indian cookbook titled “Pow Wow Chow” also included allegedly “Cherokee” recipes contributed by Warren.

Warren apologized for pushing the false identity after the published results of her 2018 DNA test failed to prove she was a true descendant of any American Indians, let alone a member of the Cherokee Nation. The test merely showed “strong evidence” of ancestry from six to 10 generations ago, putting Warren’s bloodline anywhere from 1/65 to 1/1,024 American Indian.

In August last year, the Democrat Party included Warren on an American Indian panel at the Democratic National Convention (DNC).