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Chris Bedford: Anthony Fauci ‘Is Lying’ And Needs Investigation Now

Christopher Bedford

Federalist Senior Editor Chris Bedford said it’s time for some accountability in the scientific community. And that starts with Fauci.


Federalist Senior Editor Chris Bedford dismantled the talking points of Dr. Anthony Fauci and his left-wing supporters on Wednesday. Bedford also demanded oversight of federal health bureaucracies.

“When you’ve accidentally destroyed the global economy, you’ve lost your right to independent playtime,” Bedford said. “Now I want the American taxpayer, and people like Senator Rand Paul, in there keeping an eye [out] and watching out for us, because this stuff is way too important just to leave to the scientists who think they’re too smart and too hubristic to ever have any consequences.”

Bedford said it’s time for some accountability in the scientific community. And that starts with Fauci.

Fauci has repeatedly obscured his relationship with gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab suspected of creating COVID-19, despite the substantial evidence presented by Paul and countless others on the subject. Fauci has also denied that U.S. money ever funded the Wuhan lab. 

Paul isn’t buying Fauci’s narrative. He announced on Tuesday that he’s going to demand a criminal referral against Fauci by the Department of Justice. In response, the left-wing media went after Paul, even though government documents (and Fauci’s own words) show Paul is right. 

“If you were reading CNN or Yahoo News! or a whole number of other ones, you would’ve assumed that Dr. Fauci was just dunking on Rand Paul. ‘Excoriates,’ I think, is the word that CNN used for this,” Bedford said. “[…] But it turns out if you’re looking at the very basics of this, if you’re looking at the actual research we have, if you’re looking at the information we’ve received from our government, Dr. Fauci is at best misleading, and very most likely lying about this.”

“We know that [Dr. Fauci] was doing gain-of-function research, which makes diseases more dangerous and is intentionally to make them more dangerous as part of studying, possibly as part of weaponization, although there’s no indication that was the goal here,” Bedford continued. 

Since before SARS broke out in Asia, government documents show that there’s a long history of the NIH backing and funding patents on gain-of-function supervirus research. For example, between 2013-2020, government documents illustrate that the NIH and the Pentagon gave $123 million to the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance, which funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab. 

And as early as 2011, Fauci co-authored a Washington Post op-ed in which he applauded the creation of a “laboratory virus [that] does not exist in nature […] generating a potentially dangerous virus in the laboratory.”

It’s well documented that Fauci and the NIH have supported gain-of-function research for years. And it’s finally starting to catch up with them. Yet Bedford noted that partisans like Don Lemon continue to villainize anyone who questions Fauci. 

“We know that, under Dr. Fauci, money was going to the Wuhan Virology Institute to study these kind of things, the kind of things, which, by the way, were outside of our ethical control, which I think scientists like, because the United States still has some level of ethical control over its science or at least pretends to,” Bedford said. “…Fauci was involved in this. He was in charge, and he’s lying.”

The American people deserve answers about where the China virus came from, Bedford emphasized. “I want to find out if government money, if our taxpayer money, was going to foreign virology institutes that were studying a disease that helped destroy the economy of the entire world,” he said.