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Podcast: Country Music Populism And The Rage Against The Nashville Machine

country music

Jashinsky and Kaminsky discuss how “mainstream” country music is experiencing a shift away from its rural roots and traditions to appeal to the masses.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Intern Gabe Kaminsky joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss country music populism and why the “Nashville Machine” is hurting its traditional roots.

“There is clearly a blend between country music and pop music going on right now,” Kaminsky said.I find that there’s a significant demand as we’ve seen from someone like Luke Combs who kind of has a satirical nature to his music and it’s kind of every man’s type of artists. The rise of him and the rise of someone like Riley Green have shown people are hungry for a return to a generation of music that with lyrics about family, drinking, and about real things.”

Jashinsky and Kaminsky both agree that “mainstream” country music is experiencing a shift away from its rural roots, traditions, and lifestyle-reflecting messaging to appeal to the masses.

“There are different demographics coming into country music again and again and when you start defining country music out and out and out to the point where it loses its ultimate character, which is a beautiful, thoroughly American sound because it is a sonic mixing pot,” Jashinsky said. “The sound is so thoroughly American that to mainstream the destruction of it I think is a very sad thing.”

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