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When Men Are Crowned First Place In Female Beauty Pageants, You Know Elites Think You’re Stupid Cattle


A man who thinks he is a female just struck gold in a statewide beauty pageant. If this isn’t offputting to you, the West’s morally bankrupt elites have succeeded in training you to reject truth.

Kataluna Enriquez, a 27-year-old male who has been competing in transgender pageants since 2016, was awarded first place in the female Miss Nevada USA beauty pageant. Enriquez’s victory comes after success in other contests, including being crowned Miss Silver State USA as a preliminary event to the statewide one. Only since 2020 has Enriquez begun competing in non-trans pageants.

While pageants outside Nevada required Enriquez to receive a medical certification of sex prior to competing, Nevada has more lax regulations. Winning the state’s top prize now qualifies him to run for Miss USA, although the pageant was greenlit in March by an Oregon judge to choose if they will let trans-identifying men compete against women.

“I wanted to share my story and present that I was more than just a body,” Enriquez said after his most recent victory. “With pageantry, people think it is only about beauty. But it’s how you present yourself, what you advocate for, what you’ve done, and the goals you have.”

If this all rubs you the wrong way, don’t fret. You are a sane person who understands basic science, regardless of what corrupt institutions and the government demand that you think. Enriquez’s victory is not shocking given the cultural moment we find ourselves in, but the minute it becomes normalized by the public is when our republic gets laid to rest.

Not only is a male winning a female competition that carries significant prizes absurd, but it sets back the women who have worked hard to excel in the field. Just as allowing transgender-identifying people to compete in the opposite biological sex’s competitions harms men and women alike due to its inherent physical unfairness, allowing men to overhaul an entire industry reliant on female beauty is plainly ridiculous and unethical. But it also is telling about our elites.

Let’s be clear: Enriquez will not be the first. The point of him being awarded Miss Nevada USA is to set the stage for other purportedly “non-binary” behavior to be normalized in all facets of society, making everyday life a nonstop pride parade, complete with dildo games and nude crotch flashes in the streets for all to see.

When Enriquez tells corporate media things like, “Today I am a proud transgender woman of color,” and, “Personally, I’ve learned that my differences do not make me less than, it makes me more than,” it demonstrates his misunderstanding of how his role in the pageant affects not just the opposite sex, but the entire culture.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal celebrated the victor for having “busied herself [sic] with activism for the LGBTQ+ community in Southern Nevada,” further illustrating the political initiative underway to change hearts and minds about human nature.

USA Today said the quiet part out loud: “Geena Rocero—a transgender model, producer and advocate—said Enriquez will help other transgender women worldwide,” openly declaring this incident as part of the initiative to falsely redefine biology. “She [sic] also posted a photo of herself [sic] wearing a rainbow-colored gown on her [sic] Instagram account in honor of Pride Month,” USA Today noted.

There is a coordinated attempt by both the public and private sector to push major societal changes in conflict with human nature as somehow reasonable and moral. To those in charge, human dignity is subject not to natural reality but to infinite manipulation. We are told men can be women, and vice versa, and denying such an idea will land you in the social gulag.

This is about more than just competitions and prizes. This is about forever altering not only the social fabric but language and culture. As Michael Knowles describes in his newly released book, “Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds,” the left’s goal is to push its false ideology onto people through language re-definition.

A man who believes he is a woman must at all times be called a ‘trans woman,’ or better still just a ‘woman,’ because leftist ideology demands a liberation so radical that a man can become a woman simply by saying so. Language does not merely reinforce this ideology but actually constitutes it …Political correctness goes further than demanding fealty to a set of opinions. It promises to fundamentally transform the world. Political correctness contorts language in an attempt to remake reality along leftist lines.

There are two battles here, and both reflect America’s descent into cultural decay. The dominant institutions insist everyone accept that Enriquez is a woman and not a man, and that there is nothing inherently wrong with such an individual dominating those of the opposite sex.

If those who run Miss Nevada USA do not accept the irrefutable reality that men and women are distinct, why are there separate pageants at all? Shouldn’t there just be a generic “Human USA” pageant now, in order to allow all supposed genders to join? Just wait, that will be tomorrow’s news.

The left operates on contradiction after contradiction, and by now this is the latest chapter in a tired story. It would be funny if it was all just a “South Park” sketch with Mr. Garrison, some hyperbole, a satire we all recognized would never come true. But it is all real and perverse and terrifying, and this is no television show, nor a commercial either.

Welcome to 2021. The march through the institutions has already happened. The game has been rigged, the deck stacked, the players rearranged. Now it’s up to you to reject leftist anti-culture and call out the elites for what they have done. They have failed us all.