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It’s Suddenly OK To Question Election Integrity After Fake Votes Totally Botched NYC’s Democratic Mayoral Primary

The left has signaled it’s finally OK to question election integrity after 135,000 fake votes were tallied in the NYC Democratic mayoral primary.


Democrats and the corporate media have signaled it’s finally OK to question election integrity after 135,000 fake votes were used in the New York City Democratic mayoral primary’s vote results.

In a statement released on Tuesday night, the Board of Elections quickly “apologize[d] for the error” and explained that “the ballot images used for testing were not cleared from the Election Management System.”

“When the cast vote records were extracted for the first pull of RCV results, it included both test and election night results, producing approximately 135,000 additional records,” the statement explained.

Earlier in the evening, the Board of Elections disclosed that there was a “discrepancy” in the numbers reported but they had not yet identified and shared it with the public.

Eric Adams, the leading Democrat mayoral candidate, released a statement in response to the evident discrepancies questioning why the vote total had climbed so drastically.

“We have asked the Board of Elections to explain such a massive increase and other irregularities before we comment on the Ranked Choice Voting projection,” Adams said, expressing confidence that he would win the election.

After the Board of Elections clarified the error, Adams called the mistake “unfortunate” and noted how it undermined confidence for future elections.

Kathryn Garcia, another Democrat mayoral candidate, also commented that the election board’s error was concerning and potentially undermines voter trust.

“The BOE’s release of incorrect ranked-choice votes is deeply troubling and requires a much more transparent and complete explanation,” Garcia said. “Every ranked-choice and absentee vote must be counted accurately so that all New Yorkers have faith in our democracy and our government.”

“This error by the Board of Elections is not just failure to count votes properly today, it is the result of generations of failures that have gone unaddressed,” candidate and civil rights lawyer Maya Wiley said. “Today, we have once again seen the mismanagement that has resulted in a lack of confidence in results, not because there is a flaw in our election laws, but because those who implement it have failed too many times.”

Some progressives eviscerated the candidates for questioning the election results and board’s ability to offer the state safe and secure elections, even likening Adams to Donald Trump. Most New Yorkers’ concerns about the integrity of the mayoral election, however, were given the benefit of the doubt.

CNN, one of the many corrupt corporate media outlets that shot down concerns about election integrity in November 2020 and after, called the city’s skepticism over the new ranked-choice voting system and the Board of Elections’ competence “well-founded worries.”

“The BOE has a rotten reputation in the city and is widely regarded as a hub for political patronage jobs,” one article stated.

For months, Democrats and their allies in the corporate media and Big Tech used their influence to censor, “fact check,” and shoot down any concerns about election integrity. They also banded together with big corporations to crusade against Republican legislatures in Georgia and Texas for passing election integrity laws while pushing for Congress to pass H.R.1, which was dedicated to making the 2o20 election sloppiness permanent. 

Former President Donald Trump saw the hypocrisy and called it out in a statement on Wednesday.

“Just like in the 2020 Presidential Election, it was announced overnight in New York City that vast irregularities and mistakes were made and that Eric Adams, despite an almost insurmountable lead, may not win the race,” he wrote. “The fact is, based on what has happened, nobody will ever know who really won. The Presidential Race was a Scam and a Hoax with numbers and results being found that are massive, shocking, and determinative. Watch the mess you are about to see in New York City, it will go on forever. They should close the books and do it all over again, the old-fashioned way, when we had results that were accurate and meaningful.”

Trump also called the NYC election “an embarrassment and total mess” but said it was “far better and more accurate than my 2020 Presidential Election—so what are people complaining about!”