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Biden Calls White Supremacy Top Terror Threat While The Left Decides Conservatives Are White Supremacists

white supremacy terror threat

Hysteria around white supremacy has characterized much of our country’s public debate over the last year, but now instead of simply being the favorite insult of left-wing politicians and the corporate media, “white supremacy” has become public enemy No. 1, according to the Biden administration.

In a White House “fact sheet entitled “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism,” the administration claims that “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists who advocate for the superiority of the white race” are the premier domestic terror threat facing America.  

Everyone Is a ‘White Supremacist’

There is no reason to believe, however, that the “white supremacist” moniker will be reserved for those who genuinely believe in ethnic or racial superiority. This term has already been applied so broadly, it’s lost much of its meaning, becoming little more than an overtly politicized slur.

Take, for example, this diagram, which was used in so-called equity training for government schools in Illinois and more recently in Iowa. It asserts that the phrase “Make America Great Again,”  paternalism, objecting to “reverse” racism, refusing to accept moral culpability for slavery, denying one’s own white privilege or racism, supporting immigration restriction, and being a “self-appointed white ally” are examples of white supremacy. 

In a separate instance, elementary school students were taught that perfectionism, individualism, objectivity, and defensiveness were all aspects of white supremacy. 

Rhetoric like this has become increasingly common, with critical race theory taking root in government schools and aiming to indict America and especially all white people as inherently and irredeemably racist, with one school in New York categorizing opposition to “white abolition” as “white supremacy.” Even the completely innocuous sentiment “It’s okay to be white” has been branded as a “hate slogan” by the Anti-Defamation League.

As the phrase has been overused to condemn America and the majority of its population, it’s also become so detached from its literal meaning that Vanity Fair has claimed, “White Supremacy Is Not Just for White People.” White supremacy, rather than a clearly identifiable phenomenon, is a convenient insult for the left’s political opponents — and it exposes the left’s twisted worldview.

If white people leave a certain area, they’re engaging in white flight, which is white supremacy, but if they move into a predominantly non-white area, then they’re engaging in gentrification, which is also white supremacy. White people need to “shut up and listen,” (to combat white supremacy, of course) but white silence is violence because it allegedly bolsters white supremacy. If you’re not an ally then you’re supporting white supremacy, but as the above diagram instructs, being a “self-appointed” ally is also an example of white supremacy. 

One New York professor even argued that “reproducing white children” contributes to racism while also saying that having multiracial children is problematic if one isn’t working to dismantle “systemic white supremacy.”

White Supremacy Where It Doesn’t Exist

Since genuine acts of white supremacist domestic terrorism are exceedingly rare, with the FBI’s most recent numbers showing that white people are underrepresented among hate crime offenders, the corporate media has resorted to inserting racial motives into situations where they are absent, nakedly manipulating if not outright manufacturing the facts.

After the tragic shooting in Atlanta, Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” remarked, “The Atlanta shooter blamed a specific race of people for his problems, and then murdered them because of it. If that’s not racism, then the word has no meaning,” while CNN, in a feat of distinctly journalistic hubris, responded to the tragic shooting by arguing that “it is immaterial whether the accused killer in the Atlanta spa shootings admits to a racist motivation” in an article titled, “White supremacy and hate are haunting Asian Americans.”

The director of the FBI said that “it does not appear that the motive was racially motivated,” a conclusion made all the more obvious by the fact that two of the shooter’s victims were white. 

Meanwhile, both Noah and CNN have yet to comment on a recent case in which an accused shooter admitted to targeting white men, or an instance in which an alleged member of a black nationalist militia is suspected of shooting a police officer in the head.

But while racially motivated shootings go unnoticed, teenagers smirking at the wrong people is the embodiment of “white patriarchy,” according to some members of the media.

The corporate media rushed to deem the events of Jan. 6 an act of racial violence despite the severe lack of evidence behind the claim, with MSNBC calling it a “last gasp for white supremacy” and the Washington Post writing, “On January 6th came the white supremacists.”

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, echoed a similar sentiment in a recent hearing when he said he “wants to understand white rage,” implying that white rage was the impetus for the storming of the Capitol, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cited white supremacy as a “root cause” of the storming.

In the absence of real, identifiable white supremacy, the left manufactures it and ascribes supremacist motivations to their opponents, giving the Biden White House justification to devote resources and attention to a drastically overhyped threat while sidestepping real issues such as America’s crime surge.

A Slandering of Conservatives

Left-wing attempts to engage in collective scapegoating have severe consequences for conservatives and anyone else the left has identified as “oppressors.”

Not only has the whole of the GOP been erroneously branded as the party of white nationalism and fascism, but the left’s hatred has extended beyond partisan squabbles, with academics calling whiteness “parasitic,” daydreaming about committing acts of racial violence, and tweeting their support for “white genocide,” all while critical race theory browbeats children into hating themselves and their country.

White supremacy hasn’t been dubbed the top domestic terror threat because it is a serious, widespread danger to our nation. If it were, acts of racial hatred wouldn’t have to be fabricated by the corporate media and multimillion-dollar organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League wouldn’t have time to be concerned with the alleged hate slogan “it’s okay to be white.”

The left has named white supremacy the top terror threat because doing so pathologizes support for basic conservative causes, stirring up fear of racial hatred while being its most dedicated proponents.