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‘Pride Month’ Is Now An Industry Targeting Children As Young As 3, But There Is A Resistance


You probably haven’t read a comic book in a few years, but if you have, particularly if you have over the past two weeks, you might have noticed a lot less Batman and Joker, and a whole lot more rainbows and gender fluidity.

DC Comics, home of the Caped Crusader, is advertising LGBT Pride T-shirts for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and even the Joker’s girlfriend. They just released an anthology, “DC Pride,” that celebrates all the L-G-B-T-Q-I-A-and-on-and-on people apparently in the DC Comics Universe.

Did you know Aqualad, the black younger sidekick of Aquaman you’ve never heard of until now, is gay? Did you know that in addition to liking mass murder, Batman’s Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn also like other women? It used to be superpowers that united comic book characters from the lamest to the most successful; now, what unites all these heroes is apparently just their sexuality.

Not to be left out, Marvel’s Loki is now genderfluid. “I know how many people identify with Loki in particular and are eager for that representation,” the head writer claims, “especially with this character. We worked really hard.”

Some might think, “How quaint. The picture books are making adults angry again, just like in the 1950s.” That doesn’t matter, though: Shoving sexualized propaganda in products aimed at children aged 8-10 isn’t edgy, isn’t cool, and isn’t brave — it’s gross, and if you don’t realize this by looking at comic books, take a look at how all our major corporations have behaved during the Month of Pride, previously known as “June.”

Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cisco Systems, Lenovo, Capital One: All of them have a custom Pride logo. Sure, those are grown-up firms, but there’s also kids’ video game company Bethesda, the NFL, the D.C. United soccer club, Coca-Cola, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. It’s wild to see so many multinational corporations that are all so brave and so daring. Of course, just in case you were wondering if this was about principles or pandering, none of those companies changed their logos in China, or in the Middle East.

It’s one thing to join the mob for profits, but this year in particular we’re seeing another side of Pride month: The side that isn’t simply about making money and joining in a popular fad; the side that is very, very interested in your children.

This month, “Blue’s Clues” put out a three and a half minute video of a cartoon Pride parade. It features two “non-binary” dolphins, asexual animals, pansexual animals, and a transgender beaver. Remember: This show is aimed at three- to five-year olds.

Children’s TV is broadly a wasteland, but that doesn’t mean the public reading is safe either, and a good number of local public libraries these days are as political as a New York Times editorial meeting. A group called “No Time For Flash Cards,” for example, keeps a list of recommended LGBT books for toddlers and grade schoolers. Their 2020 edition of the list had 72 books, such as “Rainbow: A First Book of Pride,” “My Two Dads Are amazing,” and ““Phoenix Goes To School,” about a transgender child named Phoenix starting kindergarten.

Besides all the Pride books on the shelves, the library might be hosting a “Drag Queen Story Hour.” If you’re in Texas, the person reading the book might be a convicted child sex offender, like the one the Houston Public Library scheduled in 2019. If you’re in Portland, Oregon, librarians might let the children crawl on the drag queen’s body, — something the library thought was so unremarkable they put pictures of it up on Facebook.

How about public schools? Suffice it to say, if our schools cared about real science as much as they cared about sexual propaganda we’d have a Mars colony by now. In New Jersey, starting in fifth grade, the state’s public schools are required to incorporate an “LGBT-inclusive” curriculum into every subject, from history to math to Spanish class. LGBT history is mandatory in Colorado, Illinois, and California as well.

But don’t be fooled by “history” — this agenda is interested in far more than making sure your kids know who Harvey Milk was. In Oregon, Washington state, and California, doctors and social workers can take your child out of your home if they believe they aren’t being given the “gender-affirming” care they need.

Last fall in Seattle, a Muslim immigrant who worked in the tech sector was worried about his 16-year-old son, who is autistic and was struggling so badly during unending union-led school lockdowns that his parents became worried he might try to harm himself.

In a panic and at a loss, dad brought his son to Seattle Children’s Hospital to see if they could help. He wasn’t allowed to stay because of “COVID” so had to trust the doctors. It turns out he shouldn’t have. When they were finished, they told him he would be allowed to pick up his “daughter” now.

That means that doctors — medically trained and licensed doctors — used their COVID protocols to separate a child from his father, isolated that kid (who was already in severe emotional distress and who hadn’t been allowed by Seattle to be in a classroom all year), and convinced him his problem was he was a girl. If that isn’t abuse of children, of power, of state authority, what is?

But luckily for the doctors, their allies wrote the laws, so they can do this to anyone in Washington state aged 13 and older without ever requesting mom or dad’s permission.

In a recent study of 13 Pittsburgh high schools, about 10 percent of students said they were transgender or “non-binary.” Were these kids actually born with the “wrong gender”? The ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s had plenty of youth rebellion, but were 10 percent of our classmates confused about if they were a boy or a girl? No, of course not. And today, what we’re seeing is really just teenagers responding to the challenges of growing up by embracing a new ideology that is pushed on them aggressively.

This might be stupid but relatively harmless if it were merely a social behavior, but it’s not. Our medical system is providing young people will powerful hormones, sterilization, double mastectomies, and fake sex organs all in the name of “gender affirmation.” Many of these treatments are irreversible, and none of them have well-understood long-term consequences.

Meanwhile, preschool and kindergarten teachers and librarians are grooming children for this; in grade school and high school, children are being indoctrinated in it; in high school and college, mass gender reassignment is celebrated as totally normal and not at all insane; and at gender clinics, people are making money off of it.

In American society, Pride is no longer a cardinal sin — the root of all sins. In 2021, it’s an industry. Step aside, gay parade: June is now the month to celebrate this new complex.

Gender-bending is a fad, and someday this country will look back in horror at what it did to impressionable children in the name of promoting it.

Still today there are legions of wonderful, hard-working teachers, administrators and doctors who are being drowned out, undermined, isolated and alienated from their fields and from the children by a loud contingent of mentally ill activists who think other peoples’ kids are playthings for their sicknesses, and who are backed up by cowardly politicians and idiot parents. Teachers like Tanner Cross, a gym teacher in northern Virginia whose school district is fighting in court to fire him for being a Christian and refusing their gender games. People who understand that in order to hand down a Christian, Western tradition to a generation deserving of that mantle, we must first be worthy of that mantle.

While brave teachers fight inside the system, and while parents stand up to school boards and administrators across the country, private schools like St. Jerome Academy just outside of Washington, D.C. have made their classically liberal education plan available online to encourage and assist others interested in their path.

Despite what seems like our best efforts to provoke the end times, you might notice we haven’t yet been engulfed in a ball of fire, which at least means there’s still time. And across the states, there are people committed to educating children and raising them free from the designs of reassignment activists, transgender beavers, “LGBT math” and every other strange iteration of this new industry.

Education isn’t to coddle or to affirm, but to lead young people out of themselves and into the world they’ll inherit. At its Latin root, it means to “educare,” meaning to train, and “educere,” meaning to lead out, and it holds the power to lead us out of our crisis. Not everyone has forgotten this.

Editor’s Note: The above video mistakenly says Disney’s Cruella de Vil is portrayed as gay. Rather, her henchman Artie is portrayed as gay.