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Keystone XL Pipeline Canceled One Month After Biden Energy Secretary Professed, ‘Pipe Is The Way To Go’

Keystone Pipeline

The Canadian developer behind the Keystone XL Pipeline announced it would cancel the project after the Colonial shutdown highlighted pipe’s importance.


The Canadian company behind the Keystone XL pipeline terminated the project Wednesday. It would have carried petroleum from the Alberta tar sands to Nebraska and down through the gulf.

After more than a decade of controversy manufactured by progressive environmentalists, the politicized project was finally abandoned by the Canadian firm TC Energy this week, five months after President Joe Biden pulled its construction permit on his first day in office.

In a Wednesday statement, the company said it “will continue to coordinate with regulators, stakeholders and Indigenous groups to meet its environmental and regulatory commitments and ensure a safe termination of and exit from the Project.”

The project’s end at Biden’s behest comes less than a month after Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told reporters “pipe is the way to go” after she outlined challenges of alternative modes of fuel transport in the midst of a crisis shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline.

Destruction of the Keystone Pipeline under Biden also comes just weeks after the administration announced it would give a Kremlin-connected entity the green light to complete a pipeline carrying Russian fuel into Germany in a gift to President Vladimir Putin.

Completion of the Nord Stream 2, run by CEO Matthias Warnig, a Putin crony and former East German intelligence officer, is now Biden’s second gift to the Kremlin. Biden gave up U.S. leverage in energy diplomacy after his administration’s animosity to fossil fuels at home killed the Keystone project.

Federalist senior contributor and foreign policy analyst Helen Raleigh, wrote in January, “The EU’s dependency on Russian energy presents a serious security risk.”

“If Russia were to cut off energy supplies to the EU,” she explained, “some estimate the EU’s reserves would only allow it to survive for three months.”

Alternative methods of fuel transportion through truck and rail promise to generate even more greenhouse gas emissions far more prone to accidents than are pipelines are to major leaks.

The Colonial Pipeline’s five-day shutdown in May over a Russian ransomware attack presented the Biden administration its first major energy crisis and illustrated the importance of pipelines in American infrastructure. The brief shut down of the nation’s largest pipeline provoked gas outages in 14 states and declared states of emergency in 17.

The Keystone Pipeline project to Nebraska however, will be one less pipeline to operate in the U.S. while the Biden White House gives the go-ahead to overseas adversaries replacing American influence with construction of their own.