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White House Press Corps Doesn’t Ask Psaki Any Questions About Fauci’s Emails

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During the nearly 45 minutes press briefing, there was not one mention of Fauci or the recently published emails highlighting his pandemic response.


The White House press corps did not ask President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki one question about the recently published emails between Dr. Anthony Fauci, health officials, and other scientists discussing COVID-19’s origins and mitigation techniques.

During the nearly 45-minute press briefing, Psaki fielded questions about the Russians, hacks, the president’s vaccination incentives, and bipartisanship but did not hear one mention of Fauci or the role he played in flip-flopping about masks, downplaying the NIH’s funding of gain of function research in Wuhan, and his relationship with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who censored COVID-19 posts until recently.

One press corps member for The Spectator said she had planned to ask about the smoking gun emails but was never called on by Psaki.

“I was going to ask about Fauci’s emails at today’s WH press briefing but unfortunately I was not called on,” Amber Athey explained. “My second question was going to be about Biden shutting down the State Dept investigation into COVID origins. Hopefully will be back in the briefing room in a few weeks depending on how the rotation shakes out.”

The White House reporters join a long list of corporate media outlets that are ignoring the incriminating emails between Fauci and other health officials to protect the White House COVID-19 adviser.

While both Buzzfeed News and the Washington Post broke the stories containing thousands of emails, neither of their articles highlighted any faults of Fauci’s pandemic response. Instead, the authors lavished praise on Fauci for his work.

While conservative outlets such as The Federalist highlighted Fauci’s willingness to ignore the science to assume more control and take matters into his own hands, other corporate media organizations picked up on the agenda-setting cues laid out by Buzzfeed and the Washington Post and used the opportunity to once again laud and praise Fauci as an expert not to be questioned.