Don Mattingly: Moneyball Analytics Have Made Baseball Unwatchable

Don Mattingly: Moneyball Analytics Have Made Baseball Unwatchable

Marlins manager Don Mattingly said advanced game analytics have made modern baseball unwatchable, where elements such as swing instruction geared toward home runs result in a disproportionate number of strikeouts.

“It’s great for your team when a guy throws a no-no, it’s great for that guy, it’s a great accomplishment,” Mattingly told reporters Thursday. “But when there’s so many so early, strikeouts are at an all-time high, things like that. It tells you that there are some issues in the game that need to be addressed.”

Mattingly continued, emphasizing changes “are going to take a while”:

This started 15, 16 years ago, you know, with the swing changes and the philosophy changes with all the analytics of the three-run homer and all that stuff. So it’s been coming, and it’s been building, and now we’re at a point where it’s getting so much more attention because it’s just a game that sometimes is unwatchable. You see, guys, you talk to them, and they don’t even like watching games because there’s nothing that goes on in them.

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