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Sean Davis: Jan. 6 Commission Is A ‘Nonsense’ Partisan Power-Grab, Just Like The Mueller Probe

Sean Davis on Tucker Carlson Tonight

“It’s meant to give Democrats something to hang on to for the next two years, heading into 2022 that they can use to demonize their opposition,” Davis said.


The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis said the Democratic January 6 commission is not only “political nonsense” that resembles the partisan attacks on former President Donald Trump and his campaign, but it also gives legislators too much power that doesn’t belong to them.

“It looks a lot more to me like Mueller 2.0. Just as the Mueller probe in 2017 was based on a lie, the lie of Russian collusion which didn’t exist,” Davis said on Fox New’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “And it was based on that because they wanted to be able to get Trump and they wanted to be able to have all the law enforcement powers that come with the Special Counsel to go after his people, go after him, accuse him of collusion and obstruction of justice.”


This new commission no different, Davis said.

“It’s Congress, it wants all the law enforcement powers the DOJ usually has to subpoena, to indict, maybe even to imprison if people don’t do what Congress wants them to. If they’re contemptuous of Congress, heaven forbid,” Davis said.

Davis noted that at least the Mueller probe had some parameters, even if many of them were ignored to create “completely fabricated FISA warrants,” but this commission is broad and doesn’t have any accountability.

“I think the most difficult one is really subpoena. Who are they going to subpoena? What limits are there to their power to compel testimony? Can they just call in any MAGA grandma who happened to be within 500 miles of the Capitol in and harangue her and demand she sit before their inquisition?” Davis asked.

The fact that many Democrats have already weaponized the conversation about the commission, Davis said he doesn’t see leftist legislators relinquishing any more power than they want to.

“Judging by their rhetoric, I don’t think they’re acknowledging any limit on their powers and that’s actually really scary. And if you care about democracy and the integrity of it, I don’t see how you can possibly allow something like this to happen when we know how Democrats handle things. Just look at Brett Kavanaugh,” he explained.

In addition to using their new power to target their enemies, Democrats will use the commission to give them a boost in upcoming elections including the 2022 midterms.

“The whole thing is political nonsense,” he said. “It’s meant to give them something to hang on to for the next two years, heading into 2022 that they can use to demonize their opposition, to shut their opposition down, and make sure that they have no one challenge them heading into the next election.”

The reason for the partisan commission, however, Davis noted, is still unknown.

“What’s really fascinating to me is I thought Democrats had already solved this little puzzle back in January when they impeached Trump over it and blamed him for inciting it,” Davis said. “What else is there to investigate? They told us it was all his fault, so what are they doing now?”