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Ben Domenech: ‘Prince Harry Should Be Tarred And Feathered And Sent Back To His Grandma’

Prince Harry segment Ben Domenech

“I think we ought to dump [Prince Harry] into Boston Harbor along with all the tea,” Federalist publisher Ben Domenech said on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday.


After Prince Harry described the First Amendment as “bonkers” last week during a podcast interview with actor Dax Shepard, The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech blasted the former royal on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday.

“The reality is that Prince Harry should be tarred and feathered and sent back to his grandma,” Domenech said. “He is not someone who appreciates anything that makes America great.” 

Domenech pointed out that the former royal has a lucrative partnership with the Aspen Institute to combat media disinformation. “If he doesn’t even know what the First Amendment is, if he thinks it’s bonkers, what is he doing participating in a prominent and respected institution that is designed to try to battle disinformation in media?” asked Domenech.  

Domenech added that Prince Harry should stick to podcasting, not influencing American life, since he clearly has no respect for America’s institutions and founding documents. “This is someone who ought not be participating in American society or our reordering anything related to media in any serious way, and yet he is,” said Domenech. 

“The royals are yet another decaying Western institution — morally and financially bankrupt,” concluded Domenech. “I think we ought to dump [Prince Harry] into Boston Harbor along with all the tea.