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Atlanta Mayor Lies About Georgia Voting Law, Claims It Prohibits Giving Water To Voters In Line

Keisha Lance Bottoms

The new Georgia voting law, which expands early voting, offers no such broad prohibition on water given to voters in line. 


Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms lied Tuesday in a Democratic fundraising email, claiming the new Georgia elections law passed by Republicans barred voters from accepting water in line at the polls.

In an email with the subject line, “Illegal to hand someone a bottle of water if they’re waiting in line to vote?” Bottoms wrote in bold, “Now, under S.B. 202, it’s illegal to hand voters a bottle of water while they wait in line.”

The new Georgia law, however, which expands early voting, offers no such broad prohibition on water given to voters in line.

While the law bars political interest groups from trying to influence voter decisions in line with refreshments punishable by misdemeanor, the new restrictions provide explicit exceptions to election workers.

“This Code section shall not be construed to prohibit a poll officer from … making available self-service water from an unattended receptacle to an elector waiting in line to vote,” the bill reads.

In other words, polling locations are free to offer refreshments to voters in line, and Bottoms is gaslighting gullible Democrats to solicit donations as they’re already being lied to about the election law by the corporate press.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace made the same critical omission on the network’s Sunday program.

“Let’s take a look at some of the provisions in Georgia,” Wallace said during an interview with South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham. “The one that I think is creating the biggest fuss, it prohibits, it makes it a crime to give food or drink to voters waiting in line. Senator, why on Earth if Americans are willing to wait hours to vote, would you make it a crime for people to come and give them a bottle of water?”

“All I can say is that that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, I agree with you there,” Graham replied.

The show doubled down on the claim on Twitter despite Republican strategist Josh Holmes correcting the record on air.

The program’s tweet omitted the exceptions given to poll workers who are allowed to offer voters water.

Mass hysteria surrounding the law perpetuated by Democrats and advanced by legacy outlets provoked a response from corporate America pulling business from the state. The Major League Baseball (MLB) revealed this week its All-Star Game would be held in Denver, Colo., instead of Atlanta this summer in the name of social justice.

The move, however, will disproportionately impact minority communities moving the game worth $100 million in revenue for local businesses from a city with a 41 percent population of white people to a city with an 81 percent population of white people.