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Jill Biden Honors Illegal Immigration Opponent Cesar Chavez As Human Rights Disaster Rages At The Border

Cesar Chavez

Unlike today’s left-wing activists, Chavez was a lifelong advocate for tight borders and vehemently opposed illegal immigration.


First Lady Jill Biden attended a ceremony Wednesday honoring the birthday of Mexican American socialist and labor union icon Cesar Chavez in Delano, California, where Chavez first raised awareness about working conditions for farmers in the late 1960s.

It’s an interesting move by Jill Biden since, unlike today’s left-wing activists, Chavez was a lifelong advocate for tight borders and vehemently opposed illegal immigration.

He even set up a “wet-line,” which was a human barrier at the southern border. The armed bands of union men, led by Chavez’ ex-convict cousin Manuel Chavez, would physically attack Mexicans when they tried to cross the border, beating and robbing them as a warning to other illegal workers.

He justified these actions because he wanted to protect working-class, legal American union members from illegal aliens, who were loosening the labor market. It is for this reason that Chavez’s birthday is celebrated by some as “National Border Control Day.”

This puts Jill Biden in an uncomfortable situation, given her husband’s disastrous border and immigration policies have created a surge of illegal immigrants at the border, which in turn means an ongoing labor, national security, and human rights catastrophe.

Indeed, President Joe Biden incentivized an unprecedented number of migrants to cross the border from the moment he took office by signing a slew of immigration-related executive orders. The orders ended many Trump-era policies and programs that discouraged illegal immigration.

“[Biden’s] orders, combined with strong messaging and rhetoric from Biden and other Democrats, that migrants claiming asylum should be allowed into the country, created powerful incentives for migrants, most of them from Central America, to get across the border,” writes The Federalist’s John Davidson.

It isn’t just the border crisis that would have Chavez rolling in his grave. The Biden Administration also backed, and the Democratic House passed, an indentured labor program for illegal farmworkers, tying them to the fields for four to eight years — a move with serious humanitarian and labor market consequences.

Biden should feel ashamed, not just on Chavez’s birthday, but every time he sits in the oval office with Chavez’ bust sitting right behind him. The activist’s legacy should serve as a reminder that the border crisis Biden created will only serve to hurt low-wage earning American workers — the exact people Chavez dedicated his life to protecting.