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Scott Walker On The New Frontier Of The Culture Wars

Scott Walker joins The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss why what’s happening on college campuse is critical to the future of the country.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, former Governor of Wisconsin and current Young America’s Foundation President Scott Walker joins Western Correspondent Tristan Justice to discuss how college campuses are the new frontier for the culture war and how conservatives can harness the opportunities presented by young people to spark change.

“One of the mistakes I think conservatives have historically made is that we think and talk with our head. The left thinks and talks with their heart. We should never concede the logic, but find ways to communicate from the heart. I think that’s just powerful,” Walker said.

College campuses, Walker noted, are often a breeding ground for leftist ideology and conservatives should be ready to provide pushback now.

“This is just an opportunity we have to address in our society for sure, but to use it to wedge in much, much bigger issues that are about really changing who controls the economy, about changing who dominates the government, and those are things that change the direction of where America is headed going forward,” Walker concluded. “We can continue to be a great country, and to improve. We don’t need to adopt Marxist or even socialist philosophies to do that.”

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