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Trump Endorses Republican Challenger Jody Hice In Georgia Race For Secretary Of State

Jody Hice

“Unlike the current Georgia Secretary of State, Jody leads out front with integrity,” the former president said.


Former President Donald Trump announced his endorsement of Jody Hice, a Republican representative for Georgia’s 10th district, for Georgia Secretary of State on Monday.

Hice first announced his campaign to unseat the current Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Monday morning, promising to fight the “crack in the integrity of our elections” created by the bureaucrat currently in office.

“I wholeheartedly believe individuals took advantage of [the election] in 2020 … If elected, I will instill confidence in our election process by upholding the Georgia Constitution, enforcing meaningful reform, and aggressively pursuing those who commit voter fraud,” Hice said in a statement.
“Our state deserves a leader who steers clear of scandals and focuses on the incredibly important duties of the office. If elected, my top priority will be ensuring every Georgian’s legally cast ballot is counted in future elections,” he continued.

Shortly after Hice’s announcement, Trump released a statement through the Save America political action committee congratulating the congressman on the “good news.”

“Jody has been a steadfast fighter for conservative Georgia values and is a staunch ally of the America First agenda. Unlike the current Georgia Secretary of State, Jody leads out front with integrity,” the former president said.

Trump also said he trusts Hice to support the “fight for Free, Fair, and Secure Elections in Georgia, in line with our beloved U.S.”

“Jody will stop the Fraud and get honesty into our Elections! Jody loves the people of Georgia, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement,” Trump concluded.

Trump was a frequent critic of the incumbent secretary of state Raffensperger after the 2020 election. He pressed the Raggensperger about reconciling the voting irregularities and fraud that appeared to occur in the state. It was one of his phone calls to Raffensperger’s office that the corporate media used to claim that Trump wanted the secretary of state to “find” votes.

Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway wrote last week, “This was always characterized as him asking Raffensperger to commit fraud or do something unethical.” She explains:

It even made it into the article of impeachment that Democrats supported. Anyone familiar with the lawsuit knew Trump was saying his team had already ‘found’ nearly 150,000 irregular or fraudulent votes and simply needed the secretary of state’s office to agree. He was saying they didn’t need to agree that all 150,000 were bad, just that fewer than 10 percent of them were problematic.

The secretary of state and his team kept asserting that Trump’s figures were wrong. Trump’s legal team kept asking Raffensperger to provide the state data and information that would enable them to see for themselves. For some reason, Raffensperger and his team have never been willing to share their data or reports.

Both Raffensperger’s office and Fulton County prosecutors are investigating Trump for potentially “improperly influencing the election.”