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From Cuomo To CPAC, Corporate Media Keeps Getting Things Wrong

corporate media

Joseph Simonson joins Emily Jashinsky to analyze the corporate media’s failures over the last year and how they have eroded trust in our institutions.


On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” the Washington Examiner’s Joseph Simonson joins Federalist Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to analyze the corporate media’s failures over the last year and discuss how they have further altered Americans’ trust in some of the nation’s institutions.

“It’s quite obvious that the government had been lying, has been lying, continues to lie, almost daily on the dynamics of COVID,” Simonson said. “The media has no problem lying or at least going with stories that are proven untrue. … There’s this playbook that happens I think whenever these controversies erupt, which is basically the media will have an unnamed source tell them something. They will report it without doing any sort of check. … You can’t just report something someone tells you unless they give you real evidence of this.”

Almost everything the corporate media reported on, beginning with the start of the pandemic, Simonson noted, was written or broadcast through a lens centered around former President Donald Trump.

“I think ultimately you know if you were to ask like what’s the bigger crisis, COVID or Donald Trump, [the corporate media] would all say Donald Trump, and I think … all COVID coverage has to be analyzed stemming from that,” Simonson explained. “So again, yes, COVID is terrible, but what COVID highlighted to the media was just how bad Trump was, not that people were dying. But just, you know, what they would say is his incompetence or inability to govern.”