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Poll: Republicans Are Concerned About Real Issues, Democrats Concerned With Political Opposition

political opposition of Trump supporters

Eighty-two percent said they were “extremely concerned” about “Donald Trump’s supporters,” and 79 percent said the same for “white nationalism.”


Data from a new survey out Wednesday from the polling firm Echelon Insights illustrates that while Republicans remain more concerned about substantive policies such as taxes and immigration, Democrats are fixated on overpowering their political opposition.

Out of the list of issues the firm asked only of Republicans, which ranged from socialism to Christian discrimination, Republicans reported they were most concerned about illegal immigration, low support for law enforcement, and exorbitant taxes. Eighty-one percent said they were “extremely concerned” about illegal immigration, 79 percent said the same for lack of support for the police, and 77 percent cited high taxes.

Democrats, on the other hand, when given a list of issues ranging from capitalism to LGBT discrimination, reported they were most concerned about their political opponents. Eighty-two percent said they were “extremely concerned” about “Donald Trump’s supporters,” 79 percent said the same for “white nationalism,” and 77 percent for “systemic racism.”

Democratic fixation on political opponents as the primary problem facing the nation, ranked alongside “white nationalism,” offers a dark insight into the divisions plaguing the country, wherein one political group has become convinced the other side is evil.

Aggressively progressive children, who were bred on left-wing university campuses and are now permeating the leadership of the nation’s ruling institutions in Hollywood, legacy media, and Silicon Valley, have successfully infected the Democratic Party with exhaustive wokeism to paint their entire political opposition with the broad brush of racism and white supremacy. Those characterizations have only been amplified by the recent attacks on the Capitol, exploited by the left after they went to extreme lengths to justify or encourage political violence from their own side, despite the January riots roundly condemned by the political right.

The narrative of broad, right-wing extremism, however, has already begun to be weaponized to justify and accelerate an already coming widespread progressive purge in corporate and cultural spaces. Parler, the free-speech-branded platform alternative to Twitter, was kicked from Amazon’s web service for allegedly hosting the same content presented on Twitter and Facebook. Apple and Google also banned Parler from their app stores.

Cancel culture, meanwhile, has escalated to new heights as antiracism becomes a secular new religion to exile conservative dissenters. Chris Harrison, the host of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” was condemned for merely criticizing the knee-jerk reaction to vilify those who step out of line with the left-wing thought police. Gina Carano, costar of Disney’s Star Wars “The Mandalorian,” was fired for making the point that mass political violence begins with hatred of one’s neighbors.

The poll from Echelon Insights surveyed 1,005 registered voters between Feb. 12-18.