Chris Bedford: Don’t Buy Joe Biden’s Nice Unity Speech

Chris Bedford: Don’t Buy Joe Biden’s Nice Unity Speech

Federalist Senior Editor Chris Bedford said on Fox News on Wednesday that President Joe Biden might have talked a good unity game in his inauguration speech, but actions speak otherwise.

“I don’t hold out very much hope that Democrats are as interested in unity as the message has been today,” Bedford said as Democrats cheered massive tech companies implementing a progressive purge of opposition voices in recent weeks.

Biden, meanwhile, has pledged to pursue a partisan progressive agenda beginning this afternoon with a series of executive orders to kick off an administration serving as a vehicle for the radical left-wing revolution.

“The promise of executive orders, the promise of further crackdown on COVID, and the whole speech given surrounded by somewhere between 15,000-25,000 National Guardsmen to an empty Mall, I’m not buying the unity speech, although it was a nice one,” Bedford said.

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