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Let’s All Give Thanks That College Football Didn’t Give In To Deranged Coronavirus Lockdowners

college football, Justin Fields
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Whether it’s the Buckeyes or the Crimson Tide who claim victory at tonight’s game, everyone wins because college football never had to leave.


Against all predictions by the media, universities, athletic directors, and others that COVID-19 required a fully canceled football season, the College Football Playoff National Championship is here.

Instead of moping in university housing or locker rooms before the beginning of a new semester, two of the nation’s supposedly best teams, Alabama and the Ohio State University, will face off Monday evening in Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, to play in front of approximately 16,000 fans.

While some people, including this CBS Sports columnist, predicted that playing college football would result in the deaths of innocent people for the sake of sports entertainment, the Southeast Conference played 69 out of 71 possible games, with fans present and “zero significant COVID-19 related issues.”

The corporate media is still clinging to narratives questioning whether the pandemic season was worth it, but the gameplay prevailed thanks to the work of many people who advocated against the mainstream narrative and pointed to the science and reality of the situation. There is no denying that this season of college football, which was once threatened by COVID-19, returned for the 2020 season due to the activism by Power Five conference athletes and their allies.

If not for players such as star quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence from Clemson University and Justin Fields from Ohio State, who came out against the cancellation of their college football seasons and claimed “there is a way forward,” none of them would have even set a cleat on the field this season.

It was through a simple hashtag, #WeWantToPlay, and Lawrence’s impassioned Twitter thread explaining that players would be safer from COVID-19 under the watch of their universities that the young men effectively communicated their eagerness to play this season. These well-reasoned calls to action did not fall on deaf ears. In addition to receiving support from college football fans around the United States, the teams also gained the attention of sports media personality Clay Travis, who used his site “Outkick” and Twitter account to lobby for conferences to play.

“College athletes have been hugely impactful with their #WeWantToPlay hashtag, but now movement needs to include college coaches & political figures,” Travis wrote in August. “The athletes have made their voices heard. Now they need more powerful allies to fight the coup being led by Big Ten presidents.”

It was because Travis amplified the message that the cause caught the attention of President Donald Trump and other politicians, such as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who quickly jumped to endorse the #WeWantToPlay movement.

Travis also kept a close record of athletic directors and others who expressed support for the players’ campaign to move forward with a safe season, holding the “coronabro” media accountable for their audacious and false COVID-19 sports predictions and doubts that games could proceed.

While there were inevitable administrative hiccups, prolonged quarantines, false and true positive COVID-19 tests, and some canceled games, the season is on the brink of ending on a successful note, with multiple bowl games and another national champion in the rearview mirror.

Although some universities and conferences such as the Big 10 had to tuck their tails and reverse their decisions, playing the 2020 season after initially saying it would be canceled, they ultimately made the right decision. Many skilled players are headed to the NFL draft following their performances this season. Additionally, coaches and their athletic programs have learned to adapt and move forward with new, flexible gameplay, and the American people got their Saturday entertainment back. Despite the naysayers, the fearful, and the pesky media, truth prevailed, and the games went on.

Whether it’s the Buckeyes or the Crimson Tide who claim victory at tonight’s game, everyone wins because college football never had to leave.