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Breaking News Alert Majority Of Voters Recognize Democrat Lawfare Against Trump Is Political Election Interference

Federalist Staff Rail Against Impeachment, Big Tech Censorship

big tech censorship segment on Fox News

Federalist staff on Monday railed against big tech collusion with Democratic elites as they escalate efforts to purge dissent.


Federalist staff on Monday railed against big tech collusion with Democratic elites as they escalate efforts to purge dissent, exploiting the Wednesday riots in which a surge of Trump supporters held the U.S. Capitol complex under siege.

“This is a situation that I think a lot of us have been warning against on the right for a long time,” Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” of big tech’s de-platforming of Parler after banning the president. “When we see these massive corporations, the most powerful ones that have ever existed in this history of the world, coming together to make a political statement to cut off the most popular Republican in terms of vote we’ve ever seen, that’s something that should bother all of us.”

Domenech warned that the effort by Democrats to eradicate their opponents won’t settle any time soon, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushes forward with impeachment on Capitol Hill.

“They’re not interested in pouring water on this. They’re not interested in tamping down on America’s tensions at the moment,” Domenech said. “They’re willing to throw gasoline on it at the urging of not just these companies but also media entities like the New York Times calling for, you know, President Trump to be banned from ever running for office again.”

Federalist Senior Editor Chris Bedford reiterated Domenech’s sentiment on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“Their focus is to make sure that President Trump could never hold office again, which would happen if they got through an impeachment trial,” Bedford said. Impeachment would hold back the Biden administration from making progress in the early days of the new presidency. A Senate charged with confirming Biden’s nominees would be consumed instead with an impeachment trial targeting the ex-president.

“They’re more interested, certainly right now, in revenge than they are in Joe Biden’s incoming administration,” Bedford said.

Bedford then pivoted to big tech, highlighting historic abuses by major corporate empires, such as the East India Company controlling an entire region or railroad companies shutting down travel over private disputes. These pale in comparison to the 21st-century effort by big tech to seize the public square, Bedford said.

“We see competitors right now — Apple, Google, Amazon — getting together to make sure that not just the president, not just newspapers that report truthfully on Joe Biden like the New York Post, and just also his supporters or scientists who doubt them on any aspect of their coronavirus response, all of these different groups are now verboten that are being banned,” Bedford said.

Federalist New York Correspondent David Marcus went on Fox Business to discuss his article published Saturday, “Twitter Is The Enemy Of The American People.” Marcus targeted big tech collusion to weed out conservative voices, often critical of the blanket government protections that allow companies to engage in selective censorship without consequences.

“They’re not free to pretend that they’re not a publisher,” Marcus said, after noting Twitter’s censorship of ideas related to coronavirus response measures and stories related to Hunter Biden’s laptop in October. “It is clear as the summer sun that they’re making editorial decisions every single day in their own interest.”