Festivus 2020: The Year Of Great Grievances

Festivus 2020: The Year Of Great Grievances

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky and Senior Editor Christopher Bedford air their 2020 grievances. Whether it is pesky D.C. runners and bikers, fast food, or Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as Time’s person of the year, there are plenty of complaints to go around.

“I know your grievances could fill, not a podcast, but an audiobook really. A long audiobook. A biblical-sized audiobook,” Jashinsky told Bedford.

“A lot of things grind my gears,” Bedford agreed. 

While this year was filled with crazy people, unprecedented times, and Amy Klobuchar’s overused blizzard joke, Jashinsky and Bedford agree there are still some beacons of hope such as Olive Garden breadsticks, scooters, A1 steak sauce, and many more opportunities to air grievances in 2021.

“Soon it will be 2021, which I hate to tell you is probably going to be as bad as 2020,” Bedford said.

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