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Hemingway: Enjoying ‘Ticket To Ride’ Doesn’t Make Buttigieg Qualified For Transportation Secretary

‘People who live in the town that he was in wondered why he wasn’t fixing potholes within his own city,’ Mollie Hemingway noted of Pete Buttigieg.


The Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway criticized Joe Biden’s choice of former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary on Tuesday.

“[Buttigieg] wasn’t picked because he supposed to be particularly good as transportation secretary, but to check off a checkbox on identity politics,” Hemingway said on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle,” noting that many in big media are not applying the same scrutiny to cabinet picks as they were in 2016.

“One reporter was saying that Pete Buttigieg, the aforementioned mayor of the fourth-largest city in Indiana, enjoys playing a game called “Ticket to Ride,” which has some transportation subplots, and they thought that that bode well for him being transportation secretary,” she continued. “People who live in the town that he was in wondered why he wasn’t fixing potholes within his own city.”

Many of Biden’s selections, Hemingway continued, were chosen “based in large part on identity politics.”

“Buttigieg is not being picked because Joe Biden particularly respects him. Neither are any of these other candidates being picked because Joe Biden thinks they will be particularly good,” Hemingway said. Instead, they are being picked for what they look like and their sexual behavior.

While Biden’s cabinet picks are underqualified for their potential new jobs, Hemingway warned that the people who fill in the rest of the administration are just as threatening, if not more than, the cabinet member themselves.

“One of the things that’s dangerous is it matters less who you pick as cabinet secretary than who fills all of those positions underneath the cabinet secretary,” Hemingway said.

“A lot of these people being named are from the Obama administration, but even as radical as some of them are like Xavier Becerra who tried to jail pro-life reporters in California and had to be knocked down by the Supreme Court for suing pro-life pregnancy centers or trying to force pro-life pregnancy centers to recommend for abortion — really radical, the more radical people will be coming in underneath those cabinet secretaries where they will advance their radical Progressive agenda,” she added. “This is what happens when you elect a Democrat to be president.”