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USA Today’s Fact Checks Are Actually Corrupt Partisan Spin

gas prices fact check from USA Today

The newspaper has a history of propping up slanted, unnecessary, and long-winded explanations attempting to justify certain statements and behaviors to fit their narrative.


USA Today issues daily fact checks, but many of their supposed corrections are actually just regurgitated narratives peddled by the mainstream media and often indistinguishable from leftist politicians’ talking points.

The newspaper has a history of propping up slanted, unnecessary, and long-winded explanations attempting to justify certain statements and behaviors to fit their narrative.

This week, the publication issued a “fact check” on a claim about former Vice President Joe Biden’s pick for press secretary Jen Psaki.

“The claim: A photo shows Jen Psaki, Joe Biden’s pick for press secretary, wearing a hammer and sickle hat while posing with officials from Russia,” USA today’s tweet states. “Our ruling: Missing context.”

Despite USA Today’s portrayal of the claim as “missing context,” nothing in the statement is factually inaccurate. Psaki, who was a spokesperson for the U.S. State Department at the time did, in fact, pose with a Russian official while wearing a hat emblazoned with the communist symbol in Russia.

“The image is real, but claims that the hat was anything more a gift or that Psaki was with Russian officials in any capacity beyond her official role are MISSING CONTEXT,” the fact check states, despite posing a claim that made no such accusations.

A day later, the same haphazard “missing context” label was slapped on the claim that “several Democratic politicians are urging social distancing and issuing stay-at-home advisories while hosting or attending gatherings themselves.”

While politicians and bureaucrats across the U.S. have demonstrated their hypocrisy by violating their own COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, USA Today stepped up to the plate to defend them.

Their fact check not only amplified each of the Democrats’ runaround excuses for their contradictory behavior, but it also pointed the finger at the Trump administration for violating CDC guidelines about masks, social distancing, and quarantining.

“Ultimately, however, it’s not just some Democratic politicians flouting COVID-19 policies and guidance – such behavior has been seen on both sides of the aisle, including behavior resulting in a coronavirus outbreak at the White House,” the article concludes.

In addition to doing damage control for Biden and other Democrat politicians and bureaucrats, USA Today has taken the offensive in the partisan battle.

In July, the publication gave a platform to an internet conspiracy theory about the Trump Campaign’s newest t-shirt depicting an eagle that contained “design similarities between its logo and a Nazi symbol.” According to the article, the comparisons were first made by a Jewish progressive group and the Lincoln Project, an organization of NeverTrump, former Republicans supporting the Democratic presidential nominee.

Despite the partisan origins of the Nazi narrative, USA Today ran with it, rating the claim “TRUE.”

“The claims that a Trump campaign T-shirt has come under criticism for using a symbol similar to a Nazi eagle is TRUE,” the article concluded despite noting that eagles are often used as a symbol of American patriotism in government seals.

Days after the article was published and received pushback for making extreme assumptions, USA Today announced that the fact check rating was updated to read “inconclusive.”

The paper has repeated these kinds of fact checks over and over, misconstruing the claims and responses to fit a leftist narrative.