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AOC’s New Online Merchandise Exposes The Progressive Left’s Lack Of Self-Awareness

The ironies of AOC’s new store products are as rich as the people who buy them.


New York Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez debuted a batch of new merchandise Thursday, selling high-priced apparel only affordable to latte liberals demanding radical wealth redistribution on expensive laptops from their Connecticut mansions.

The prize item of AOC’s new collection features a $58 sweatshirt, first priced at $65 reading simply, “tax the rich.

The irony is as rich as the people who are buying the sweatshirt.

There is no shortage of ironies for sale in AOC’s campaign store. According to the website, the Green New Deal hoodie is made with 20 percent polyester, a petroleum product that is both non-renewable and non-recyclable.

Socialist collectors demanding everybody else hand over their wealth for government redistribution can also purchase vintage park-style posters promoting the Green New Deal by illustrating what its supporters envision a world might look like under their proposed plans, which initially included eliminating 99 percent of cars and retrofitting “every building in America” to meet “state of the art energy efficiency.”

Of course, those who took out thousands in student loans they can’t pay back can still drop $27 on a t-shirt demanding the government to cancel them, or in other words, force the taxpayer to pick up the tab.