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The Future Of President Trump’s Agenda Hangs On Georgia


There’s no doubt a Joe Biden administration is going to have a massive impact on the United States. How permanent an impact it will have, however, comes down almost entirely to what happens in the state of Georgia on Jan. 5, 2021.

Like all modern presidents, President Barack Obama used the power of the executive to his benefit, signing orders that ranged from granting amnesty to illegal immigrants to joining the Paris climate agreement. President Donald Trump did a lot to undo these moves, pulling out of the extra-congressional accords, suspending extra-congressional amnesty, and adding his own orders on deregulation, energy expansion, and other priorities. Biden is cruising to be inaugurated in January, and his list of executive actions is as long as 2020 has felt.

What might Biden accomplish with simple presidential authority? Thanks to the power Congress has ceded to the Oval Office since Sept. 11, 2001, accelerating dramatically during the Bush bailouts, Biden can accomplish an incredible amount.

He can end border wall construction, halt domestic immigration enforcement, reinstate and likely expand amnesty, and dramatically increase the flow of “refugees” from anti-American countries around the globe.

He can rejoin the Paris agreement, jack up car prices with heightened fuel standards, cancel energy production in Alaska, and use regulations and lawsuits to cripple any other attempts to use America’s resources for America’s security and people.

He can start sending American taxpayer money abroad for abortion, open fetal tissue research at home, send money to Planned Parenthoods in our states, finish off women’s sports, privacy, and safety with the trans activist agenda, reinstall kangaroo courts in higher education, then bring the libertine sex agenda down on Christian churches and charities, threatening “privileges” and tax statuses.

He can reinstate federal and military training on the evils of being white, end Trump’s push for pro-American public education, and use zoning and regulation to force more housing projects into the suburbs.

He can expand Obamacare and Medicaid as well as welfare rolls, widening eligibility and cutting back work requirements.

He can keep American troops in combat all over the world while turning an eye back toward toppling more Middle Eastern governments with soldiers recruited from the regions that voted against him.

And, of course, he can seek vengeance on Trump and his family.

Truly depressing stuff, and there’s no doubt damage to lives, churches, security, businesses, and families will be immense. The lives of the unborn will never be recovered. Amazingly, the above aren’t even the biggest changes the administration has planned to the fabric of the United States. If in addition to their tenuous control of the House, Democrats gain control of the Senate, they will be able to accomplish their most ambitious agenda in nearly a century.

While an expanded deferred action program for illegal immigrants and an end to domestic immigration enforcement will undercut America’s struggling working class, with control of the Senate, Democrats can pass mass amnesty for all illegal aliens in the country (and their families).

While America’s independent energy producers and the men and women who work for them should rightfully fear the tidal wave of lawsuits and regulations headed their way, with control of the Senate, Democrats can pass a Green New Deal that would hobble the nation for decades using actual law.

While Christians and other social conservatives will be targeted by the Biden administration, with control of the Senate, Democrats can fulfill their promise to stack the Supreme Court with left-wing justices while filling the federal benches with judges hostile to religious freedoms and the Bill of Rights.

On education, health care, and Second Amendment rights, a Democratic Senate majority could craft national policy extending far beyond even the more intrusive executive orders imagined.

All this necessary control comes down entirely on Georgia, which on Jan. 5 votes on the final two U.S. senators to send to Washington. This does not bode particularly well for conservatives.

Stacey Abrams has long claimed to be the actual governor of Georgia, and when it comes to elections she might as well be right. With Democrats having mastered whipping COVID hysteria into political wins, a stunning number of ballots were requested and counted for Nov. 3. In the weeks since, accusations of poor oversight, unprecedented signature acceptance, and other irregularities have piled on. Despite major concerns from top to bottom of the GOP, Georgia’s Republican government hasn’t yet done a thing to alter course.

Indeed, 762,000 absentee ballots have already been requested for run-off, breaking all previous run-off records. Will the state be better prepared to count them fairly? Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has thus far given no indication we should expect a more reliable performance in round II.

Meanwhile, more than $125 million flew into the state in the two weeks after the November election, and some senior Republicans estimate the total spending will come to a shocking $700 million total. This wouldn’t be the first time a stupid amount of New York and California money was wasted on Democratic races in Georgia, but when combined with the state coming down for Biden in November, the threat mail poses to election security, and this round’s crazy increase in spending, the risk to the GOP is almost as high as the stakes.

While outside groups and the Republican National Convention have flooded the state with advertising and volunteers, President Trump remains bogged down in his own legal battles and has yet to announce a runoff rally in the state his agenda needs to survive. The president’s ability to turn out Republican voters is unparalleled in recent history, and could go a long way toward the crucial battle to secure his accomplishments.

None of this is to imply either Sen. David Perdue or Sen. Kelly Loeffler is some populist working-class hero. Both would happily go back to the Republican Party of 2006, and the battles that came with it. But neither stand with the left-wing madness above.

What’s at stake is not limited to the next two years. Democratic control of the Senate will not only hand the left a bludgeon, but it will hand those Republicans who actively seek a return to the Bush years a great victory, allowing Mitch McConnell to throw up his arms instead of fighting hard battles many in his caucus would rather avoid anyways. The last thing the populists can afford is a minority GOP gaining electoral points for shaking its fist at a Democratic majority without ever actually having to deliver on the hard votes America needs.

Trump or his chosen successor might return to the White House in four years’ time, but if he wants any insurance on weak-kneed Republicans toeing the line — and a number of his most important accomplishments lasting — he and the party need to win in Georgia. This is no inside baseball: Anything short of a Senate majority this January will deal the conservative populist movement a terrible blow.