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Democrats Know Mail-In Voting Means Mass Fraud, And Pushed It Anyway


After this Nov. 3, one thing is poignantly clear: mail-in voting is a proven disaster. As we’ve seen, it’s grossly susceptible to fraud.

Many Republicans, including President Trump, have been warning about this for months. Democrats and the mainstream media also know it’s incredibly risky. But they’ve been obfuscating or flat-out lying to us about it for months.

How do we know? They once warned about mail-in voting themselves. Consider this New York Times article from 2010, which noted, “votes cast by mail are less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised and more likely to be contested than those cast in a voting booth, statistics show.”

The Times article also says “fraud is easier by mail.” This should be common knowledge, and already was among election officials. Leon County, Florida elections supervisor Ion Sancho told the Times: “The only cases of election fraud have been in absentee ballots… The more people you force to vote by mail, the more invalid ballots you will generate.”

The New York Times article concludes: “Election experts say the challenges created by mailed ballots could well affect outcomes this fall and beyond. If the contests next month are close enough to be within what election lawyers call the margin of litigation, the grounds on which they will be fought will not be hanging chads but ballots cast away from the voting booth.”

Got that? “Mailed ballots could well affect outcomes this fall and beyond.” Well, given that Trump is challenging the results of the 2020 election, we’re certainly at “beyond.”

Here’s another example of Democrats warning about mail-in voting, a 2005 study conducted by the “Commission on Federal Election Reform,” lead in part by Democrats Jimmy Carter and former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle. A recent summary of the report says, “Fifteen years ago this very month, a bipartisan panel of American statesmen and stateswomen… studied the future of U.S. elections and issued strong words of caution that the expansion of mail-in voting that began a few years earlier in Oregon posed real fraud risks, especially in close elections..”

The commission’s primary concern was not only mail-in voting fraud, but also whether mail-in was effective in increasing voter participation: “While vote by mail appears to increase turnout for local elections, there is no evidence that it significantly expands participation in federal elections,” the commission’s report said. “Moreover, it raises concerns about privacy, as citizens voting at home may come under pressure to vote for certain candidates, and it increases the risk of fraud.”

Flash-forward to today, after Democrats have been screaming for months that any questioning of mail-in voting amounts to “voter suppression,” and as there are reports Democrats have been going door-to-door to help voters finish their ballots—after the election.

Here’s an example of a Democrat warning about paper ballots, which is an indirect warning against mail-in, because mail-in requires paper ballots. This comes from Rep. Jerry Nadler, who led Democrats’ impeachment of Trump for not doing something Joe Biden did: “I just, as a very experienced practical politician from New York, feel that in my experience in New York, paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud. And at least with the old clunky voting machines that we have in New York, the deliberate fraud is way down compared to paper.”

Of course, Nadler has been slamming Trump all year for his repeated warnings about mail-in voting. But you can watch Nadler say the exact opposite about paper ballots, on video here. Democrats are on public record admitting that paper and mail-in balloting means a dramatic increase in fraud. So why did they suddenly hide what they knew to demand mail-in balloting everywhere in 2020?

Democrats deliberately set the 2020 election up for fraud, and not just by using the pandemic as an excuse to expand what they knew was a risky election method. They also did by pushing mail-in pre-COVID, in 2019 with the Vote By Mail Act, as well as with ballot-harvesting and other dubious schemes. Democrats ramped up the push in 2020, through the middle of the COVID panic. Never let a crisis go to waste, indeed. Then there’s Democrats’ legal shenanigans, otherwise known as “expanding voting access,” through the fall of 2020.

Trump and U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr’s repeated warnings about mail-in voting’s susceptibility to fraud were flagrantly ignored. But Trump and Barr were correct. Democrats purposefully played with fire, and Americans are now getting burned. Democrats have knowingly tampered with public trust and confidence in the electoral process, and election integrity itself. And we all can guess why.