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After Four Years Of Insanity, Can The Media Be Fixed?

“How do you fix a broken multi-billion dollar industry?” asked the Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, T. Becket Adams, senior commentary writer at the Washington Examiner, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss whether the media can bounce back from its anti-Trump roots that have taken hold the last four years, or if its biased and limited coverage is here to stay.

“How do you fix a broken multi-billion dollar industry?” Adams asked, noting that news outlets consistently fail to cover certain viewpoints that many Americans hold.

One way to address this problem, Adams suggests, is ensuring that the people on the ground reporting are heterogeneous in their thinking.

“We say we need the diversity of viewpoints so much and that’s such a cliche or trope at this point but it’s true,” Adams said.You need to need to have some people who have lived a different life or at least understand it.”

The corporate media, however, Adams noted, is not self-aware of their poor standing with the public and doesn’t show signs of improving.

“The way that [President Trump’s] fiercest critics have comported themselves has been despicable and…very, very few people come out of the four years looking good and the press isn’t one of them,” he said. 

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