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The Ruling Class Just Spent Four Years Going In The Wrong Direction

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Christopher Bedford and Emily Jashinsky discuss the role social, corporate, and media elites played in the 2020 election.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Editor Christopher Bedford and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky preview Election Night and evaluate the implications of the elites’ efforts to undermine Republican Americans and President Donald Trump over his last four years in office.

“Before you knew it, everyone was a racist, everyone was a Russian spy, and anyone who disagreed with them ought to be canceled,” Bedford said. “And they’ve gone full tilt and including the Democratic Party which hands out a lot of their talking points.”

The effects of these actions, Jashinky said, may not completely transfer to the election numbers tonight, but still had an impact on the way the American public views the social, corporate, and media elites.

“There are droves and droves of people in this country that genuinely love, sincerely love, authentically love Donald Trump and the media is not equipped to deal with that and it’s taking us into a really dark place,” Jashinsky said.

“Whoever wins tonight, there are tens of thousands of people showing up in Rustbelt America in these smaller areas of the country outside of major metropolises for Donald Trump,” Jashinksy noted. “I think we all know that Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere but what is so much more important than whether Trump personally is going anywhere, is the sentiment that drives people to love, to adore and to feel heard by Donald Trump, whether or not it’s their right to feel that, that’s going absolutely nowhere.”

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