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Inside Our Rust Belt Road Trip: Get To Know 2020’s Swing-State Voters

John Daniel Davidson and Christopher Bedford discuss their recent reporting trip through the Rust Belt on The Federalist Radio Hour.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Editor Christopher Bedford and Political Editor John Daniel Davidson review their recent reporting trip through the Rust Belt and share how voters in multiple cities, towns, and areas in swing states are contemplating voting on Nov. 3.

While Bedford and Davidson said they found Democratic support in some areas, they also ran into many Trump supporters, some of which were union members who, despite their union’s endorsement and claims that their members would be voting for Biden, would be supporting the GOP presidential candidate.

“In Milwaukee, just like in Boston or Washington or a lot of other cities, you don’t have to hide that you’re a true Joe Biden supporter,” Bedford said. “But it turned out, we were uncovering [Trump supporters] all over the place.”

“Macomb County is a place that hadn’t gone Republican since Ronald Reagan and those Reagan democrats didn’t really seem to stick around, some of them did, but at least not right there.”

Despite mainstream media narratives suggesting otherwise, Bedford and Davidson believe that Trump will retain his support from blue-collar workers from the Midwest. Davidson also noted that the Democrats’ recent actions will give Trump more ground to mobilize potentially hesitant or unenthusiastic voters in the Rust Belt as well.

“I think it isn’t necessarily because of anything Trump has done, although he has followed through on a lot of the things he said he would do,” Davidson explained. “It’s because of what the Democrats have done in sort exposing themselves in reaction to Trump as this radical party that doesn’t care at all about working-class, blue-collar voters in places like Saginaw.”

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