God, Economics, And The Court: Which Way Will Catholics Go?

God, Economics, And The Court: Which Way Will Catholics Go?

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Acton Institute President Rev. Robert A. Sirico joins Senior Editor Christopher Bedford and Political Editor John Daniel Davidson to discuss the important role of Catholicism and religion in American governance. In addition to discussing the anti-Catholic bias against Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Sirico also discusses America’s cultural and moral erosion, and how it impacts a civil society.

“It’s not precisely correct to say that what the Democrats are against in Barrett is that she’s a Catholic. It’s that she’s a serious Catholic and that she’s a practicing Catholic,” Sirico said of the media attacks on Coney Barrett. “It’s anti-Western prejudice, anti- Christian, and anti-traditional.”

Christians should be wary of the “notion that government can be used to promote certain specific moral or political agendas.”

“We should, especially as Christians, be very sensitive to the use of state power to achieve especially religious and explicitly religious sense. There’s a lot that can be said about the use of law in terms of the natural law, but there’s always a limitation to the implementation of the natural law in civil law,” he said.

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