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Megyn Kelly On The Importance Of Independent Thought In A Woke World

“People who want to safe space need to go someplace else,” said journalist Megyn Kelly, discussing her new podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show.”


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Journalist Megyn Kelly joins Ben Domenech to discuss her new podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show,” cultural wokeness, and the importance of independent media.

Kelly said her decision to start her own podcast stems from the frustration she felt while working in cable news dictated by agendas and fame.

“I think that cable is basically full of pandering and it’s full of individual fiefdoms now where the anchors war with one another,” Kelly said. “It‘s hard to be a really happy person when you’re living the life of a cable news anchor. It’s a grueling, 24/7 job where you’re under attack, all the time, internally and externally. And you may get paid well, but you don’t see a lot of your family and you wind up, at least in my case, asking yourself, for what? The only way to make your show work in cable news is to be all politics.”

Kelly said “wokeness” expressed by those on the left hinders the expansion of thought and discussion required for accurate and productive coverage.

“People today will say ‘That’s a racist message. You’re not acknowledging the systemic things that are holding people down. Not everybody can do it.’ I don’t have to believe that’s true,” Kelly said. “I think we can get through anything and I think the way of doing it is not to wallow in negativity and look all around yourself for reasons why somebody else is holding you down.”

According to Kelly, thoughtfulness, cultural discussion, and flexibility are all important and she desires to bring them to audiences around the world by digging into topics other than just “the latest tweet war.”

“It’s not just this fight back and forth to talking heads, it’s a thoughtful discussion,” Kelly said.

“People who want to safe space need to go someplace else,” Kelly added. “People who want thoughtful, provocative conversation and no BS can come to me.”

Note: This podcast was recorded before President Donald Trump officially nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court of The United States.

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