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Matthew Yglesias Calls For More Babies, More Immigrants, And More Americans

On the Federalist Radio Hour, Yglesias lays out his vision for how America can focus on important problems and maintain American exceptionalism.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Matthew Yglesias, author of “One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger” and Vox co-founder, joins Host Ben Domenech to discuss how the United States can maintain and preserve its streak of American exceptionalism. Yglesias argues for non-controversial solutions like: supporting families, building more housing, more transportation, fixing welfare and welcoming immigrants.

“What can we do together to keep a world that’s safe for our values, it’s not this kind of wild adventure that didn’t work out, 10 to 15 years ago, but some that draw on our real capabilities as a country,” Yglesias explained. “We need to focus on the problems that are really, really important, and not just yell at each other.”

According to Yglesias, America is widely recognized as an example of importance and value in the world, but he thinks that the U.S. “should think seriously about rising to the challenge” of becoming even better. 

Domenech and Yglesias also discuss why there seems to be no bipartisan consensus, in Congress or otherwise, to address non-partisan issues like pro-natal policies.

“I often feel like members of Congress, and even dueling social media cliques, they look for reasons to disagree,” Yglesias said. “It’s easy to disagree, it’s hard to agree, unless you want to.”

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