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Rep. Bryan Steil Calls On DOJ To Investigate Funding Of Groups Behind Kenosha Riots

Wisconsin congressman called on Attorney General Bill Barr to find out how the criminal groups behind the riots are funded and coordinated.


Republican Rep. Bryan Steil, who represents Kenosha in Wisconsin’s First Congressional district, called on the U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr Tuesday to investigate the Kenosha riots, specifically for the funding and leadership structure of criminal groups.

During the Kenosha riots, local and federal law enforcement officials stopped an out-of-state caravan of vehicles filled with fuel cans and illegal fireworks. Police reported, “the vehicles contained various items, including helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks, and suspected controlled substances.” Nine people were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Steil stated in the letter to Barr:

The violence and destruction in Kenosha was heartbreaking to witness. As we saw in the days that followed, many of the criminal agitators came from outside our community of Kenosha. Thanks to our federal and local law enforcement agents, the U.S. Marshals and Kenosha Police Department successfully stopped out-of-state protestors whose van was filled with fireworks, helmets, and gas masks. Criminals must be held accountable and we must look into their source of funding. I will continue working with federal, state, and local partners to prevent riots and destruction from occurring in Kenosha and other cities across the nation.”  

Steil is urging the DOJ to not just “thoroughly investigate the funding of rioters in cities nationwide,” but to also release “a full report on your findings as you learn more about how these criminal groups are funded and coordinated.”

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