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CNN Erases ‘Bay Of Pigs’ Award To Accuse Trump Of Making It Up

The Trump campaign immediately corrected CNN’s fact-checker by publishing a photo of the president accepting the award.


CNN tried to fact-check President Donald Trump’s weekend claim that he received the “Bay of Pigs” award Sunday by reporting that no such award exists.

“For those confused by Trump’s claim he got the ‘highly honored Bay of Pigs Award’: He got an endorsement in 2016 from the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association. It’s not an award,” explained network fact-checker Daniel Dale.

The Trump campaign almost immediately corrected Dale by publishing a photo of the president accepting the award.

Dale doubled-down, calling the award “nonexistent,” which then provoked the Trump campaign to post an official letter from the group confirming the award highlighting their support for the president.

“It was with great satisfaction that we read President Donald J. Trump’s Twitter mentioning the event in which the Veterans Association-Brigade 2506 presented a recognition award, consisting of the emblem used by our patriots during the battle of the Bay of Pigs Invasion, Cuba, 1961,” the group wrote.

“The award was presented to President Trump for the purpose of recognizing his political and social platform, which is in line with the conservative beliefs of our organization and his objectives of ending totalitarian regimes, drug and human trafficking and human rights abuses in our hemisphere and beyond.”

Dale, Democrats, and those in legacy media however have continued to call the president’s claim self-righteously false.

Dale has also furiously claimed that former Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t want to ban guns, only to be contradicted by the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee to say yes, Biden does want to ban guns.