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Video: What Investigative Reporter Found On Michael Jackson And Jeffrey Epstein

Michael Jackson

Emily Jashinsky interviews investigative reporter Dylan Howard on Jeffrey Epstein, Michael Jackson and corrupt elite coverups.


Investigative reporter Dylan Howard joined me this week for a conversation about his recent deep dives into Michael Jackson and Jeffrey Epstein. Howard reacted to the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, and President Trump’s decision to wish her well during a press conference last month.

He also discussed broader patterns of elite corruption, especially as those patterns relate to sex crimes.

Howard, a veteran of entertainment media, is the author of many books, including “Bad: An Unprecedented Investigation into the Michael Jackson Cover-Up,” which is available here.  He’s also the co-author of “Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” available here.

In recent years, Howard has become entangled in several high-profile controversies. The New York Post reported in April, “In addition to silencing women’s allegations of affairs with Trump, Howard also was alleged in the Ronan Farrow’s Pulitzer Prize winning book ‘Catch and Kill’ to have helped disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein dig up dirt on his accusers.” Howard has threatened to sue Farrow for defamation. Jeff Bezos accused Howard of trying to blackmail him in 2019.

Howard has battled sexual harassment allegations against himself as well, all of which he denies.

Our conversation focused primarily on his reporting on Jackson, Epstein, and Maxwell, but Howard said he doesn’t read much of what’s written about himself in the press. “A lot of the criticism of me is like water off a duck’s back,” he said.

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