Bedford To Tucker Carlson: American Left Is The Only One In The World That Hates Their Country

Bedford To Tucker Carlson: American Left Is The Only One In The World That Hates Their Country

Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” The Federalist Senior Editor Chris Bedford explained the difference between the American left and the rest of the world’s leftist movements and political parties: “The American left is different from a lot of the global illiberal lefts in that they’re the only ones that don’t like their country. The Cubans, the Soviets, the Chinese, they’re all fiercely patriotic,” explained Bedford. “We don’t have that.” 

“How can people who hate a country run it?” asked Tucker. “I don’t think they can,” Bedford responded. Bedford foresees that if the illiberal left, people who are “very much against the liberties that we cherish” and “hate our country,” were to win, it would make it difficult for the American democratic-republic to stand. 

Bedford added that American big tech giants “built a lot of the technology the Chinese are now using to oppress their people.” The Chinese government is enlisting foot soldiers to patrol Chinese streets “to really instill fear and make everyone know in China that not a single person is above the law.” At the same time, publications like The New York Times and prominent thought leaders of the left, like former President Barack Obama, “praise the Chinese system.”

Tucker pointed out, “The United States is becoming very much like China, at very high speed.” The new left, explained Bedford, emulates Communist China in their disdain for history and organized religion, attacking “institutions you thought were untouchable,” like the founding fathers and Catholic saints.

“It starts off with tearing down Catholic saint statues and desecrating churches,” said Bedford, “but before you know it, places like the Washington Post are attacking my neighborhood priest, Monsignor Pope!” On Sunday, The Post ridiculed Pope, a hero to his parishioners for refusing to abandon his flock during the pandemic, for saying Mass and distributing the sacraments then contracting the Wuhan virus.  

Citing the Harvest Rock Church lawsuit against the state of California, Bedford predicted that the government is “going to go after churches and places that refuse to shut down.” “They have a right to gather,” affirmed Bedford. “First Amendment right to gather, just like protesters do,” said Bedford, referring to the treatment by government officials of Black Lives Matters protests versus churches. “It’s a double standard,” said Bedford.

 Bedford reminded Tucker’s viewers that we were warned by the “genius” founders that our system is “very unstable.” “It relies on a culture that is united” and “moral,” said Bedford. “Right now we’re moving closer and closer to mob rule,” Bedford warned. He predicted we are headed to a “corporatist technocratic rule, run by people who think this country is evil at its core and are trying to divide us.” 

“A country that’s divided like that is going to have a difficult time standing,” said Bedford. He believes that neither Democrats nor Republicans are capable of dealing with the divisive cultural battle the United States is facing. Our only hope is at the “local level,” the very places being “target[ed] right now,” he explained. “Churches and civil organizations” are “the only chance we have of resisting this kind of uprising.” 

Evita Duffy is an intern at The Federalist, co-founder of the Chicago Thinker, and a senior at the University of Chicago. Follow her on Twitter at @evitaduffy_1
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