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Twitter Appears To Censor Joe Rogan Episode With Gender Expert Debra Soh

‘These are all things that are considered taboo, and I don’t understand why we can’t have a fact-based conversation,’ Dr. Debra Soh said in the censored interview.


Twitter appears to have censored a newly released episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast after Rogan interviewed Dr. Debra Soh, a scientist and writer famous for opposing childhood transgenderism.

Soh first brought the censorship issue to attention Wednesday night, when she posted images on Twitter showing the interview had been blocked from immediate access and was labeled as containing “including potentially sensitive content.”

As of press time, the block appears to have been lifted, with no statement yet from Twitter.

According to Twitter company policies, to be censored in this fashion a Tweet must have been reported, reviewed by the company, and then censored if it is deemed “violent, hateful, or adult content.

Like most JRE interviews, the conversation crossed a range of topics within Soh’s field of study. Included were research debunking claims of a “gender spectrum,” the effect transgender drugs have on children, and the question of transgender athletes in sports.

“These are all things that are considered taboo, and I don’t understand why we can’t have a fact-based conversation,” Soh said in the interview about these issues. It’s currently unclear whether Twitter considered her interview violent, hateful, or something else.

In the podcast, Soh also discusses her new book, “The End of Gender.”

The social media giant has become increasingly aggressive in speech policing as November draws nearer, something many non-left-wing voices allege always seems to disproportionately target them. On the same day, the company temporarily banned the Donald Trump campaign’s account over posting an interview that included the statement that children are “almost immune” to the coronavirus. They were told to remove the tweet or forfeit their access to the platform.

This isn’t even close to Soh’s first brush with censorship. In 2018, a video of hers critiquing the transgender movement was banned by YouTube for being “dangerous.”

You can listen to her interview with Rogan here, and check out her recent interview with The Federalist Radio Hour right here.