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In Glaring Double Standard, New York Times Whines About Conservative Reporter On White House Trip

New York Times whines about Bluey with Pence

The New York Times dedicated an entire piece to complaining about the presence of a conservative reporter on a White House trip with the vice president.


The New York Times dedicated an entire piece to complaining about a conservative reporter filling in for press pool duties on Wednesday’s trip with Vice President Mike Pence to Florida.

“Instead of a member of the White House press corps, the role of pool reporter was filled by Robert B. Bluey, a vice president of the Heritage Foundation,” the Times wrote.

Annie Karni, the Times reporter who wrote the piece, later explained that the presence of Bluey, who serves as the executive editor of the Heritage Foundation’s news and commentary website The Daily Signal, is the latest example of the Trump White House having increasingly “nurtured relationships with conservative news outlets.”

“The administration has long elevated niche outlets that cover it more favorably, while the president has systemically cast doubt on mainstream news organizations by referring to them as ‘fake news’ and the ‘enemy of the people,’” Karni wrote. “Mr. Bluey, a communications professional, is not listed as a reporter, and he does not cover the White House.”

Despite the White House press pool becoming increasingly saturated with left-wing and self-righteous ideologues masquerading as journalists on an objective quest for truth, the Times took issue with Bluey’s presence aboard the vice presidential trip and tried to justify its coverage, claiming it “is as much a story about covering the Trump administration during the pandemic as it is about partisanship in the news media.”

That line came even after Karni conceded that “there was nothing openly partisan about Mr. Bluey’s pool reports on Wednesday, which consisted mostly of quotes from Mr. Pence’s speech and brief observations about how an enthusiastic crowd responded.”

A search through the Times’ archives reveals no such outrage over the liberal news website ThinkProgress, housed by the Center for American Progress, covering the Obama administration. The liberal outlet went under in September.

Corporate media’s largest sympathizer, CNN’s Brian Stelter, wasted no opportunity to chime in on the manufactured controversy.