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Why Tennessee Republicans Should Support Bill Hagerty For Senate


Deadly riots in the streets. Expensive socialist health-care policies. Impeaching our president. Erasing our history. Radical liberals are showing their true colors.

Now more than ever, we need strong Christian conservative leadership to preserve America. The original intent of our Constitution was to protect American values—life, freedom of speech, and religious liberties—but those values are under attack.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and radical Democrats were busy creating bogus ways to impeach President Trump, he remained focused on taking swift action to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus by banning travel to and from China. This decisive leadership, which was highly criticized by Joe Biden, Pelosi, and the left, saved the United States from even more loss of life and severe economic devastation.

We need more of that leadership—someone who will be tough on Communist China, someone who knows what it takes to rebuild our economy, and someone who will fight to protect our country’s freedoms. The direction of our country depends on it.

Bill Hagerty is my choice for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee because he is a true Christian conservative who will stand strong for the Tennessee conservative values we hold so dear, and he will work to bring people together.

Like President Trump, Bill is a successful businessman who understands the need for fiscal conservative leadership in Washington. That is one of the many reasons the president has endorsed Bill for the U.S. Senate twice now, in addition to tapping Bill to serve as a member of the Great American Revival Industry Groups. President Trump knows what I know: Hagerty not only understands what it takes to create jobs and get our economy going again, he has successful experience in doing so.

At a time when Tennessee’s economy was suffering, Hagerty served as our state’s Commissioner of Economic and Community Development. During his term, our economy was revitalized and hundreds of jobs were brought to our state. As we continue to reopen our local and national economies, we need more of this kind of leadership in the U.S. Senate, spearheading our state’s economic comeback.

In addition to fighting for fiscally responsible policies that will benefit our state’s economy, Bill will stand up for our unborn children. As a father of four children, he values the right to life, and he will make it a priority in the U.S. Senate to uphold his Christian calling to protect our most vulnerable. In Virginia, our bordering state, their governor is defending the practice of infanticide. It’s horrifying, and I know Hagerty shares my deep dismay.

We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines this election cycle. We must actively advocate for the voiceless, and work to defund big abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood. Not only will this be a priority for Bill, but he also understands that to make this a reality, we need to continue confirming constitutionalist judges at all levels of our judicial system. The Republican-controlled majority has confirmed more than 200 of President Trump’s constitutionalist judges so far—a critical milestone that will impact the judicial system in the years ahead.

But, Washington liberals want to pack the court system with their picks, who are eager to legislate from the bench. If they had their way, late-term abortion or worse would be legal across the country, Medicare-for-All would be imposed, and our religious freedoms would be severely diminished.

But right now, Tennesseans have an important decision to make.

They can send someone who has the support of President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, and myself, or someone like Manny Sethi, who only pretends to be conservative when it’s politically convenient.

During the 2016 election cycle, Sethi didn’t donate a dime or volunteer to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. Instead he supported and defended Obamacare, co-authored a book that praised European-style socialized health-care, and even applied to work in Obama’s White House.

Even worse, Manny donated to ActBlue to help elect Pelosi-supporting Democrats. His “close family friend,” Tom Perriello, who he bankrolled, said he never regretted a vote, not even his vote supporting Obamacare and called the National Rifle Association a “nut-job extremist organization.” Manny also stood by as his best friends and personally hand-picked board members viciously attacked Blackburn in the 2018 election Senate election—supporting Phil Bredesen.

Sethi is not a conservative. He’s a Massachusetts liberal masquerading as a Republican in Tennessee. He’d be better suited to run in the Massachusetts Democrat primary. Tennesseans can’t trust him.

We need another strong Christian conservative leader like Hagerty, who will stand with President Trump, Pence, and Blackburn. Tennesseans can trust Hagerty to protect our conservative values.

That is why Hagerty has my complete support to be our next senator. Our votes carry weight, and who we choose to put into office can mean the difference between the prosperity or the downfall of our country as we know it. I encourage my fellow Tennesseans to join me in voting for my friend, Bill Hagerty, who will be an ally to President Trump and Blackburn. We need his conservative leadership.