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Biden Campaign Refuses To Release Cognitive Test Results

Biden's Campaign

Despite publicly confirming he’s been tested for decline numerous times, former VP Biden has yet to prove, or even, state, what the results were.


Its been three days now since former Vice President Joe Biden told reporters that he’s been “tested and am constantly tested” for cognitive decline. The media has, unsurprisingly, swept this story under the rug, but the candidate’s claim still raises a lot of questions.

Who’s been doing these assessments? Why are we only hearing about these “constant” tests after the cognitive question has plagued the campaign for well over a year? And most importantly, Biden never actually said what any of the results were. So what were they?

The Biden Campaign has not responded to The Federalist’s request for those results.

It is one thing to claim a cognitive assessment would be insulting and refuse to take one. It is another to take it multiple times, only to hide the results. Biden himself didn’t even directly state they were good, but voters are left to assume it.

Cognitive deterioration is deadly serious, particularly if we’re discussing someone who could be in charge of the nuclear arsenal for eight years. While the topic should be discussed as the serious mental health issue it is, rather than fodder for campaign ads, the public has a right to know what exactly is going on.

It’s not as if questions about his cognitive status are not somehow confined to Infowars. A recent poll by Rasmussen showed nearly 40 percent of voters think the presumptive Democratic nominee has dementia, including 30 percent of independents likely to vote. One in five Democrats believe it as well. That’s not “may have dementia” either; that’s voters who are convinced Biden suffers from the disease.

After confirming the test’s existence, Biden said one more thing. “I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.” Just one problem; Trump’s already done his side of the competition. In 2018, the President took a Montreal Cognitive Assessment as part of a medical exam. The President passed with a perfect score, which was confirmed by Rear Admiral and Doctor Ronny Jackson.

If Biden can’t wait to compare scores with his election opponent, he’s got everything he needs. He’s on the record stating he’s taken the assessment multiple times, and President Trump has already taken and released his results. So what is he waiting for?